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Sonora stood at the sink filling a glass of water. Looking up through the window above the sink, she saw her grandfather getting into the passenger's side of an unfamiliar car. She frowned as she studied the car.

The driver was harder to see. She could tell he was a tall, brawny man, but she couldn't see his face. Still, there was something familiar about the set of his shoulders.

She thought she knew all of her grandfather's friends. This guy seemed younger than most of them. And it was odd that her grandfather hadn't mentioned that he was going somewhere today. Well, to her. Maybe he had to her mom.

"Mom," Sonora yelled, unsure of where her mother was.

"Here!" Her mother's voice floated to her from the living room.

Sonora went to her. "Did grandpa say he was going anywhere today? I saw him get in a strange car."

Azurine looked up from the skirt she was hemming. "No. Where would he be going, today of all days?"

"I know. That's why I thought it was weird."

Today was her sister's, Sierra, wedding day. Well, wedding evening, Sonora corrected herself. Her grandfather did have plenty of time to go somewhere and make it to the wedding.

Her mother squinted down at her work. "Who did he go with?"

"I didn't recognize the car or the driver. But I couldn't see the driver well."

"Go ask your dad. Maybe he said something to him."

Sonora headed out to the garage where Mike was still bent over the engine of his car.


"Um?" came his muffled reply.

"Do you know where grandpa went?"

Mike rose and grabbed a rag to wipe his hands. "No. He waved at me as he went off with that young fella."

Sonora leaned one hip on the side of the car. "Okay. Well, he probably plans on being home again soon."

The sound of the waves crashing on the beach reached Sonora, and she turned her head to look out over the water. A fleeting look of pain passed over her face before she forced a smile to her lips for her father.

Mike studied his daughter's face before saying, "Sonora, why don't we go and get some ice cream?"

Ice cream sounded good on this already too-warm morning. However, things needed to be done. "I don't know, dad. Mom might freak if we take off too."

"You let me take care of that." Mike went into the house to get the okay from his wife.

A little later Sonora and Mike were sitting on a bench at their favorite ice cream stand. They laughed as they tried to keep up with their dripping cones. The heat and humidity were working against them.

After getting his cone under control, Mike said, "Sonora, honey, you haven't been the same since you've been back. I'm worried. We're all worried. What can we do?"

Her father's blunt question didn't surprise Sonora. He liked to get right to the point. And from the time they were little, this ice cream shop had been the place of a lot of daddy-daughter talks.

She scrunched her face before smiling at him. "I'm fine, dad. Just busy."

Mike wrapped an arm around his daughter and pulled her close. "You certainly are. We hardly see you anymore. You are working a lot."

"Oh, umm, yes. I do work a lot." Sonora stammered out her answer. She needed to come clean at some point. Now was as good a time as any, and Dad was the one to tell. He was the most laid back of them all. The last thing she wanted was a scene. She tensed as she worked up her courage.

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