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i look around the school entrance once more, my brain not fully registering whats happening. people have their phones out. they are recording me. everyone knows. my life is over. nobody will ever like me.

i jump out of shock as i look towards the entrance of the school, where kellin and brendon stood, laughing and pointing at me. i jump in surprise when they start walking towards me, something in kellin's hand.

i try to focus on the large object, but can't do so as they are too far away. as they get closer and closer, i start to recognize the object.

mr bear!

"mister bear!" i cry out, giving the bear grabby hands. what a mistake.

"ooo, does the man-baby want his stupid stuffed animal back?" kellin teases.

"how did you get him?" i ask, my voice shaky, my heart pumping out of my chest.

"well, little faggot, we walked through the door. little, stupid you forgot to lock it this morning." brendon smirks.

"later today, we are going to burn this poor excuse of a stuffed animal on a fire, you understand me, pedophile?"

i tune the boys out, just staring at mr bear, in complete shock.

- (gonna skip a bit, bc i cba doing this part) -

"run. come on tyler, faster!" i cry to myself, running as fast as i can to mr dun's classroom. i can't do this anymore. everyone knows my secret. i'm never going to have any friends. i'm never going to fit in.

i approach the classroom, and without knocking the door i run through the door and into mr dun's lap. i just sit there sobbing, not even telling him whats wrong. i just want comfort. i don't wanna talk. not now. not ever.

stop crying, tyler, your a boy, not a girl. boy's don't cry.

he runs his hands over my back gently as i cry, soothing me almost immediately.

"y-you a-re so n-nice m-mistew d-d-d-un.. why?" i sniffle, sticking my thumb into my mouth. he looks at me, pity on his face, but takes my thumb from my mouth.

"don't suck on your thumb, tyler. it'll ruin your teeth." he says.

"sowwy" i reply, putting my head down in sadness. he lifts my chin, looking me in the eyes.

"what happened?" he asks, curiosity and sadness covering his beautiful features.

"k-kellin-n. he t-told e-everyone 'bow me being w-wittle." i cry, clutching his shirt.

"he's got mistew beaw" i choke out, sobs leaving my lips.

"oh, little one, i'm so sorry." he says sadly, kissing my forehead.

"t-they's g-gon-a b-bully m-meh e-e-e-even m-more n-now" i sniffle, putting my head in his chest.

"no they won't. i won't let that happen." he says sternly, making me smile.

"d-do 'oo w-wealy mean dat?" i ask, looking up to him.

"yes, little one, i promise."

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