032 Jail (3)

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When they just spoke, there was a small intersection standing next to them, and they would not block the road of others. Then she did not want to be cool in this place! Who will help her! No matter who is going to hear her heart soon!

I am grateful to free her from this broken hole!


"Let's let go! Hurry up!"

"Fast, thief! My purse! Come on, there are thieves-"

what happened?

After half an hour or so, there was a commotion on the street, a thief? Then shouldn't there be a servant's chase? Should the awesome martial arts be a little bit? Come on, hurry up and find her!

"Get out!"

A man with a face covering his face slammed into the cold, and Lan Qin Yu was hit by a butt, she... her ass was going to bloom! The eyebrows are squeezed together, and the painful licking of the mouth!


I can't even cry out...

Just now I heard something falling underground? The head can't turn, can't see... is that person just lost? Deserved it! Who told him to hit her, not to lift her up, still not to unlock her acupuncture points! Lose things and live!

"it's here!"

"Catch it!" With the cover man, a few more people came and found it! She was discovered! Thank God, I am not guilty!

"Fast! Grab her! The purse is here! Not wrong! She is the thief!"

The owner was happy to take the lost bag, and he was a little surprised. "The thief was a woman. I think he is very big. He thought it was a man..."

What is it? Thief?

Who? Where is the thief? Did she not see it? Is it the face-faced man who just ran away?

It is possible to cover the face during the day and run so urgently. It is necessary to do something unsatisfactory! It turned out to be stealing money...



I was thrown into it without being gentle. I watched the door of the prison close, and Qin Yu was dumbfounded...

Who will tell her what is going on? Ah!

Why is she caught in! Think of her as a thief? Why did she get stuck on the bad things! No! why why! what is this!

"Why arrest me!"

The mouth is open and the sound is coming out! The finger moved, to 1 hour?

Climb up from the haystack and rush to the door of the prison. Qin Yu yelled: "Bastard! Let me go out! I am not a thief to catch me! The thief is the face-faced man! Not me! Bastard! Quick release me!"

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