the boy: on the bus

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i barely see him taking a bus. but right now, he's standing in front of me. i'm not sure if he knows me or even remembers me because i only interact with people at the class as if necessary.

i feel like, i see another side of him today. he looks... i don't know, it feels he's not the hoseok i know. then i caught his eyes watering.

the bus stop and we got off the bus. i walk behind him. his back is not upright as usual. is it okay if i ask him? or better not?

"hey..." i greets him with an awkward smile of me.

he changes his expression in a sudden when his eyes caught my uniform.

"hi!" he greets back. "where you going?"

"i bet, you still charming even when you cry." i blabbering nonsense. he looks confused a bit. "but happiness suit you better. have a great day!"

then i'm walking fast.

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