Light shines through

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Hope you enjoy this chapter! I most certainly had fun writing it ^-^


Romeo's P.O.V.

It's been a while since I left Fairy Tail, and although I am a wizard, I'm still a kid. I kept reminding myself of how dangerous it would be, and then reminded myself that that was exactly why I left on this journey. To become stronger. However, I still cared a lot about Wendy and Fairy Tail. So, I stopped to go take a bite, and watched the Grand Magic Games on TV. I made sure to cover my identity, as well as my school emblem so that no one would recognize me and blow my cover. A lot of cheering was heard, until I realized that I was in a bar of Sabertooth fans.

"Hey kid!" Someone walked up to me and threw down my hood. I looked up, trying to keep my cool.

"You're lookin suspicious with that hood on. Why are you even here, picking up some food for someone?"

"No, I'm just taking a bite to eat and to watch the Grand Magic Games for a bit."

"Well, unless you're rootin' for Sabertooth you got no business here. Now are you or are you not?"

I thought about my answer. "I'm not." The man's face grimaced, and picked up my food. He quickly boxed it up, disguising it as a delivery, and shooed me out without anyone noticing as he turned the volume up for the GMG's, attracting more attention towards the TV.

"Careful where you're goin', kid. Cuz' aint everybody as nice as me. Run along, and don't get caught." I nodded, and thanked him. I then decided to trust him, and lifted my coat slightly to reveal my emblem to him without anyone else noticing. His expression then softened, and then saw me off as I put my hood back on. I then decided to go check on Wendy since I couldn't resist and I still felt kind of guilty.

He sighed. "Kids these days, so reckless." 

Chelia's P.O.V.

I woke up, and heard Wendy crying. I opened my eyes slowly, and couldn't feel my legs. I was so tired, and I barely had any magic energy. 

"W-Wendy?" I whispered. Suddenly she stopped crying, and started shaking violently. 

"Romeo, Romeo, Romeo..." She whispered. She kept repeating Romeo's name and then I realized she was levitating. 

"Wendy..." I said, and then she opened her eyes and I was shocked. Her eyes were empty with no emotion. 

" can't be...stay AWAY!" She yelled. A wave of sky magic threw everything around her back.

"How do you have magic energy?" I coughed, still very weak. She wailed once more as more wind collapsed the whole room, but she she just barely avoided to hurt me. She then seemingly disappeared.

"Oh, Wendy..."

Wendy's P.OV.

I'm so lost...I don't know where I am, I just remember blacking out as I was crying...what am I doing? I see Chelia in pain, and I choke a sob. I can't feel anything. I miss Romeo so much...I don't know what's going on...I feel myself blacking out again...

3rd Person P.O.V.

"IT'S FAIRY TAIL'S LUCY HEARTFILIA VERSUS SABERTOOTH'S YUKINOOOOO AGURIA! A TRUE BATTLE OF CELESTIAL MAGIC!" The crowd roared as the 2 celestial mages faced each other as they were walking onto the battlefield. Sting smiled upon seeing Yukino down there confidently, and Natsu was grinning like crazy seeing Lucy about to fight. 

The gong was struck, and the battle began. Yukino immediately rushed Lucy, catching her by surprise at her speed. 

"LIBRA!" She yelled, effectively changing the gravity so Lucy was pinned down and she was in the air. 

Below her, Lucy groaned. Yukino then saw a bright flashing light as she was thrown back to the ground with a thud. 

"I didn't even call you, Loke." Lucy said, still pinned to the ground.

"No problem, sweet stuff, I know you missed me." Natsu simply sat in his seat, unimpressed as Lucy rolled her eyes. Loke and Libra started battling, and as soon as the smoke cleared Yukino dashed and began fighting Loke as Libra backed up and used her gravity changing magic to force the 2 down. 

Yukino unleashed a flurry of kicks and punches and soon flew backwards to summon another spirit. Sting smiled and cheered along with Lector and Frosch. 

"OPEN, GATE OF THE 2 FISH! PISCES!" She said, hopping on one of the fish who crashed Lucy against the wall. 

"No! Lucy!" her teammates yelled. But from the pile of rocks she emerged with a bright light and a smirk. 

"GEMINI!" she called out, who immediately transformed into Yukino. Yukino gasped, and both her spirits were slightly dazed, and they were immediately struck by Loke and Gemini. Lucy brought out her whip and started lashing out as the whip seemingly had no limit to its extent. Yukino screamed in pain, and Libra seemed to feel the effects as well. Pisces managed to dodge most of the whips, but ended up getting a thrashing from Gemini. Pisces returned with a small whimper. 

"You did great Pisces. Stay strong Libra!" Yukino once more broke out in a run and started dodging Lucy's attacks more efficiently until she appeared right in front of Lucy and engaged her in hand to hand combat. Yukino overthrew her and Lucy slammed against the wall again. 

"It's really a heated battle down there, it just keeps going back and forth!" The crowd continued to roar with every attack that hit. It kept going back and forth between the 2 wizards until both of them decide to pull out their trump cards. 

"REGULUS IMPACT!" A bright light shone through as Gemini transformed into Lucy. Lucy used her whip as a combo attack, but Yukino blocked it with a key that no one had ever seen before. Lucy widened her eyes, and Yukino held up the key with such confidence Lucy took a step back. 

"OPHIUCHUS!" She yelled, and the skies suddenly were painted black. The clouds swirled around the arena, and it suddenly seemed like it was an eternal night. Even Loke's light was dim, and Libra had already returned. 

Lucy regained her stance, and from the stand she could hear Natsu and her school cheering. She stood tall next to Gemini, joined hands with Gemini, and started to cast Urano Metria. Ophiuchus also rose, and it's menacing eyes gleamed.

"My name is Lucy Heartfilia, and I'm a proud S-Class Wizard of Fairy Tail High. You should also know I will not lose!" She said, her voice ringing throughout the arena as she cast the spell. Ophiuchus dived towards Lucy, screeching as everyone in the crowd couldn't sit still. 

"URANO METRIA!" Stars rained down from the sky and Ophiuchus rammed into Lucy, causing a massive explosion. After a while the smoke cleared.

Both wizard's spirits had returned.

Both wizards were standing.

5 seconds left on the clock...





And half a second before the gong rang Yukino Aguria fell to the ground with a smile on her face.

"LLLLLLLLUCY HEARTFILIA HAS WON THE BATTLE!!!!" Cheers were heard all throughout Fiore to that exciting battle as Sting carried Yukino to the infirmary along with Natsu carrying Lucy. 

Well done, Lucy.


Man, I always get a kick from writing battles. It's just so exciting, I don't realize how much I've written XD. I really hope you guys enjoyed this chapter, and don't forget to put this story in your library for future updates, and see you all next time! Peace! 


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