Chapter 3

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(Louis's P.O.V.)

I feel so bad for this kid. She doesn't seem a day over 15 and she's been through so much in just a few hours.

I glance over at her sleeping form. She looks so peaceful, but I can't ignore those little droplets of tears sparkling on his eyelashes. I sigh and turn away, feeling a pit in my stomach.

She doesn't deserve this. No one deserves this, but for this to happen to such a young girl...

Suddenly, the lads break through the door obnoxiously, laughing and chatting loud. I spring up and quiet them down instantly. Maddy groans and rolls over.

"What was tha-"

"Shh!" I cut Zayn off with shushing him. He's far too noisy right now.

"Who is that?" Zayn whispers. I sigh.

"Sit, I'll explain," I tell them. They all sit except Harry sneaks a peak at Sleeping Beauty first. He blinks and shoots me an odd look. I nod my head over to the empty chair next to me. He walks over and slumps down in the seat.

"So who is that?" Niall whispers.

"El and I were going to the grocery when we see this young girl get hit by a car and she's screaming stuff like, 'They took her! They have my mom! Help!' and everybody's ignoring her. So, we grabbed her and drove her to a doctor. He gave her some meds and... poor thing," I explain. I pause and sigh.

"That it?" Liam asks, his eyes flicking worriedly to her.

"No. It... It gets worse," I sigh. Everyone looks at me, urging to continue. I run my fingers through my hair and lean back on the chair, refusing to make eye contact. "Her stepdad died in a car accident today as well. Her father was notified and he said he was only taking her younger brother. He didn't want her in his life anymore."

Everyone is completely silent and Liam gets up and walks over to look at her. He covers his mouth with his hand and returns. He's shaking his head violently.

"She's far too young for this," he sniffs. Niall stands up and hugs Liam.

"What are we going to do?" Zayn asks.

"Well," I begin with a sigh, "the funeral is in two days and the court hearing for her custody is in three days." I look at Haz and Zayn.

"We're staying here until it all gets sorted out," Harry declares. I frown.

"Harry, this could take weeks. We'd have to cancel performances!" Niall exclaims, pulling away slightly from Liam. "I mean, I think we should take care of her, but stay here with her the whole time?"

"I don't care. I need to make sure nothing bad happens to her," he tells us. There's something a big different with him, but nobody seems to notice it except me. He seems dead serious and much more stubborn that before. He's not backing down on this one.

I sigh. "Alright. We're staying here," I say, giving in.

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