A hotel?

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I cannot believe it!

Here I was, in the car...on my way to the party with Lora and Connor. She did what she had promised and dragged me into the vehicle, despite my continuous complaints.

Jonny had sent us a mail last week, announcing the time of the party:

From: Jonnystein121@Hot-t.com

To: Connor-Con@Wg.com

Subject: Party time!

Hey there dudes!

Sorry for the late reply. I got the permission to come over to the place. It is called Hotel Transylvania; I send you the link later. You can stay for the two weeks as promised. I see you too at the reception.

See you later,


Something at the message was odd, "As promised, is there something I should know?" Lora and Connor gave me a fake smile, before explain to me the situation. "Eh you know...Lora tell her." Of course, when it comes to such situations, he always wants Lora to take over. She sighted loud "Okay N/A listen up. We all need a vacation, since work was taking most of our time; we hardly had any time together. This would be a perfect place to relax and enjoy some time with Jonny."

"Couldn't anyone ask me?!"

"NO!" snapped Connor.

"I hate you."

"We love you too N/A. Look! Up there!" I followed Lora's finger at something in the distance. All I could see, was a roof of a building. As we went over a bridge, we realized...it was a castle. I was amazed, "Is that the hotel, seriously?!" Lora checked the link Jonny gave her, "Yep that is it." At the entrance, we were greeted by a bunch of zombies. They took our luggage, as one zombie offered his service to drive Connor's car. He shouldn't have. As the ghoul began to drive off, he took too much speed...and crashed into the nearest wall...and into the water. Connor stood there with his mouth open, "My...car." I laughed "smashing!" "Shut up N/A!"

Before he could have a go at me, Lora holds him back. She could assure him, that they will get a new one, once they leave the hotel, "Why don't we relax for now, we can discuss the car issue another time. Come on Connor, N/A."

Inside the lobby was full of strange creatures. Not one can be described as a human in a costume. A few of them were just too huge or in an odd shape. We watched around the lobby, until our eyes spotted the reception. There was someone familiar, with red hair and clothes he had for ages. "Years have pasted and he still wears the same clothes?" said Connor, rolling his eyes. "He isn't so much into fashion like you" replied Lora.

"Hey there Jonny!"

The boy looked at me, smiling like crazy, "N/A! You came. It's been so long." The next I was crushed in his arms, "Not long enough, you are still smelly as ever." As long as I known Jonny, he wasn't the hygienic one. The last time we had to throw him into the lake to bathe.

Of course he ignored my comment, "So you are staying here for two week. That is so awesome; I can't wait to introduce you to my friends and family." Before I could ask him about that, Lora had pushed me aside. I watched them all talk to Jonny, as I made my way around the lobby. I enjoyed seeing all the different kind of monsters around us. In the back, I can hear Jonny talking about this place. He said that it was normally a place, only for monsters. It changed once he came to the place.

I wasn't aware of the creature, which was creeping up behind my back. Jonny noticed and began to panic, "N/A, watch out!"

The next I was inside a place, dark...and wet.

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