An invitation!

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It has been five years, since Drac and his friends had a vacation on the high seas.

That is also the amount of time, the relationship had last...between Drac and Ericka.

Both enjoy taking the lead and controlling others, which caused a lot of fights between them. Also Mavis had trouble to accept her new 'step-mother'. It is not that she hates her, but they just don't get along...they are too different. Nothing Dracula did could save the relationship. They didn't even get married yet. No one, not even Drac was sure...if they wanted to be together like that. But also Ericka had tried several times to make this work and failed...horribly.

At the end, they both break up.

Drac began to isolate himself from his friend and family. A tough time was heading both their ways, only time will tell, how long it will last. Jonny had noticed the count's depressive state and decided to ask him about something, he had planned for a month now. He didn't expect them to leave each other so soon. Bad time came over the Dracula family.

Meanwhile, Jonathan's friends were having their own problems.

"For the last time, I don't want anything to do with you!" I slammed the door shut, leaving the one on the other the rain. The minute I came into the living room, was the moment of a huge argument...which Lora started. "For the love of god, can you at least give one man a chance?!"

"I don't want to. I'm just not interested!"

The next, was Connor's turn, Lora's boyfriend, "This is the last time we will hitch you up with anyone!"

Inside my mind sang the 'hallelujah' chorus. Finally, I thought. This has been going on for quite a while now and it was hell on earth...for me. Thankfully, they had stopped this conversation and went on about an E-mail. An old friend of ours had been contacting us recently, but now, he stopped. He wanted to invite us to something and now...nothing. I looked over Connor's shoulder, "When was the last message?" "That was...two weeks ago. What is taking him so long?" I shrugged at his question, Lora gave the same reaction. "Connor, can you read out the last mail we received?" I asked him concerned. He nodded quickly, before starting:



Subject: Reunion for the bag pack!

Hi Dudes,

Whats up? I know it has been a while. I am good by the way and yeah, I survived the fall in the mountains Connor. I live in an awesome place now and I want to invite you to come and celebrate our reunion. We haven't seen each other for quite some time, there will be a lot to talk about. Lora are you still doing your job as a model? Connor, did you stay in your rock band? Are you two still together? Is N/A still single? Let me know, I cant wait to hear from you soon. I let you know when the party is going to start. That is it for now.

Your friend,


"Asking if I was single wasn't necessary!" I said annoyed, hitting the nearest pillow. "Oh come on N/A. You been single even before we met Jonny and besides I told him that you are available", Connors words had hit me hard. "I am not interested in Jonny!" I snapped. This didn't had any effectr on Lora and Connor, they just love to get on my nerves. "N/A, Jonny is married and had a child, so don't worry." I was suspicious at Lora's sentence, "Then why does he need to know?!"

Connor grinned evil, "He might have someone for the party."

"Party my ass. I am not going!"

Now it was Lora's turn to yell, "Oh you are going, even when I have to drag you there!"

"I am not going and that is my last word!"

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