Chapter 12

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Lorelai stood at the counter, pouting at Luke, "please give me coffee."

"No," Luke sighed, walking to another table,

"Please, Luke? You're really going to turn away a paying customer?" Lorelai said, in mock disgust.

Just then, Liv walked into the diner, her bag on her one shoulder.

"Hey, mom," she smiled, "woah, who died?" She asked, seeing the look on her mom's face.

"Nobody, yet," she glared, "Luke won't give me coffee."

"Luke, you're killing my mom and turning her towards killing you in the process!" Liv gasped, putting her bag on a seat.

"Livvy, that'll be her sixth cup just this afternoon," Luke said, getting really annoyed now.

"So she's been in here all afternoon?" Liv asked, sitting next to her mom.

"All afternoon," Lorelai grinned.

"You have no life."

"Thank you, daughter," when Luke walked away, she leaned into whisper in her ear, "You order a cup and pretend its for you but really—"

"Stop trying to turn your daughter over to the dark side," Luke mumbled behind them.

"How did he hear that?" Lorelai gasped.

"He has superpowers," Liv said.

"No I'm just not stupid and you're predictable," Luke deadpanned.

"Anyway, mom, I thought you had work?" Liv asked.

"Sookie is driving me insane! I get it, she's getting married tomorrow, but geez," Lorelai ranted.

"She's excited," Liv laughed, "but I guess it does bring back memories for you."


"Max memories," Liv raised her eyebrows.

"As if, I never even thought about him until you brought him up," she unconvincingly scoffed.

"You're a crap liar," Liv sighed, "Oh, did you know dad is on our porch?"

"Who's on our what now?" Lorelai asked.

"Dad is on our porch. You know, the guy you did it with to have me and Rory, on the thing outside our house," Liv said, standing up, "that's why I came, Rory stayed with him."

Lorelai sighed, "looks like I'll have to take a rain check on that coffee, Luke."

"Damn," Luke muttered, sarcastically.

"Well, darling, it's been a pleasure, as usual," she said to him over-dramatically, walking out.

"Sorry, Luke. Me and Rory have booked her in to seek serious medical help," Liv said, before she left.

"Thank god," he said, waving her off.

When she got to the house, Lorelai and Rory were stood, waiting for her, "where's dad?"

"In the house," Lorelai smiled.

"What's up, why's he here?"

"I think—" Lorelai began.

"Moms just assuming," Rory cut in.

"Assuming what?" Liv asked.

Lorelai opened her mouth to speak, but Rory cut her off again, "assuming what she wants to happen is happening."

"I don't want it to happen," Lorelai scoffed, "it would be preferable if it did, though."

"If what happened?" Liv burst.

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