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Chapters will be somewhat short because I can get them out quicker. I've also wrote out a lot of chapters so they should be out sooner.


Everyone just hung around in the living room until me aizawa told everyone to leave the dorms and go back home.


Todoroki grabbed his bags and some other stuff and walked out the house before his dad could suggest a car ride for him.
It was probably about a 30 min walk from his house to school but he didn't mind.

He was walking then he realised that he had never walked to school before.

Todoroki's PoV :

Great, this is just great. I thought today was going to be a good day since I avoided my dad and we were moving into the dorms but no, I just have to get lost.
I sighed and carried on walking in a straight line. Then I saw a UA uniform, from this distance god knows who it was but it was definitely a uniform.

Third person PoV:

Todoroki speed walked towards the person, after getting closer he realised it was his classmate Bakugou.

" Bakugou, wait " he said loudly but not quite a shout.
" WHAT " Bakugou yelled as he span around causing the light gravel to crush under his shoes.
" I'm lost "
" I don't know where School is "
Bakugou cried out laughing. "Wow that's pathetic, we've been at school for ages and you don't know where it is ABHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAH"
" well I usually take the car and- " todoroki was interrupted by Bakugou. " I guess even the half half bastard can be stupid "
" stop laughing dribble is getting all over you, what are you, a four year old " todoroki said calmly.
" it was a joke.."

They walked to the dorms in somewhat silence.


Bakugou and Todoroki enter the dorm building. Some people were in the lounge and looked surprised but also curios to see them together.

⚠️ Love triangle warning ⚠️ kinda?

" since when did those two walk together.... wait they could of just came in at the same time and it was coincidence " midoriya mumbled.
" erm.. deku you're mumbling again " ukraka said softly.
"Oh.. haha oops" he replied smiling.

Bakugou shoved Todoroki and started heading for the lifts ( elevators ).
" Bakugou my dude the lifts and stairs are locked since it isn't 9am yet we need to wait for aizawa to open them " kirishima said.
Bakugou turned around and had murder in his eyes as he stomped him way into the kitchen with Todoroki following behind.

" what... they both went in the kitchen this is no good... IM GOING IN TO THE KITCHEN ASWELL" midoriya thought to him self and told everyone that he was off to get some water.
Todoroki was silently making some tea that he bought.
" what is that fancy looking shit " Bakugou glanced over as he was making his instant coffee.
" it's black tea " Todoroki replied as if it was the most obvious thing in the world, which is was.
" I want to try some "
" sure "

Deku ( midoriya) walked over to the counter and smiled.
" Go away fucking tree " Bakugou scowled.
" aha " is all deku could say as he grabbed a glass a put in some tap water. He walked into the dinning room were Lida was sat with some other class mates. He was planning something in his head but god knows what.

Bakugou's PoV :

Quick reminder: everyone already know that some people are gay ect.

Ugh fuck he's so cute I actually can't do life right now oh my god. I make my instant coffee and pour some milk that Todoroki bought. I watch him make the tea, he made it so carefully. I may insult him all the time but I can't show my emotions to anyone really, then again he doesn't show emotions either in fact I've never heard him laugh or cry ect.

"Here" he said while sliding me the tea. It was a light ish brown colour and it smelt good. Tea smells really good. Tea is good. Tea if life. I forget about my coffee and follow Todoroki into the dinning room holding the handle of a white mug full of delicious tea. Yum.

Third person:

Todoroki and Bakugou sit down with the rest of the people in the dinning room as a few follow with other drinks and small snacks like apple juice and cookies.

~Time skip to 8:57 am because I'm lazy ~

Mr aizawa walked into the room were the whole of class 1-A were sitting. " I've opened the lift and the stairs, if you need anything there is a phone in the lounge and on each floor of the dorms.

The class rushed to towards the rooms.



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