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I woke up around 9 the next day. i know, i woke up way too damn early. I got out of bed and went to the bathroom. Then, i went downstairs and had breakfast with my mom. i remembered that i promised Louie that i'll take him out for ice cream. I got dressed and went to Alexis house, knocking on their front door. The door opened revealing Madison. " Jane, Hey what are you doing here??" She asked. I entered the house and she closed the door. " JANE?? JANE IS HERE?? YAAAY" I heard louie scream as he ran to me.

He hugged my legs tightly and lifted his head to look at me. " Are we going to get ice cream??!!" He asked excitedly. " Of course!! i did promise you, didn't i ?!!"
" Yeah!!! oh no!! i forgot to change my clothes!!! i'll be right back!!!" He exclaimed as he turned around and ran upstairs. " You're really taking him to get ice cream??" Madison asked. " Yeah. i'm also taking you, Maddie and Alexis. If you want to, of course." I told her. " I'm not saying no to ice cream!!" Madison said.

" I don't know how to change my clothes.."
Louie said cheekily as he stood on the top of the stairs. " That's my que" Maddie whispered and went upstairs to help Louie. " I should go get dressed too " Madison said as she too went upstairs. Alexis came down the stairs while furrowing her eyebrows in curiosity. " What the hell is happening?" She asked me. " I'm taking you guys out for ice cream." I replied as she gave a surprised look.

" I thought you were saying it just to get Louie to get off of you...." She said as she
stood in front of me. " Well I did promise him and i don't break my promises" I told her, smiling at her. She smiled back at me.
" What are you waiting for?? go get dressed!!" I told her as i pushed her to the direction of the stairs. " Ok Ok!!" She exclaimed as she went upstairs. " I'm reeeeeady!!!" Louie sang as he came down the stairs. He put his hands on his waist as he reached the end of the stairs.

I chuckled at his silliness as Madison and Maddie came down the stairs behind him.
We all waited for Alexis to finish. When we were all ready , we went outside. We decided to walk because it was a really nice day outside and the ice cream parlor was really close. Louie was jumping and dancing through the whole time. We arrived at the ice cream parlor and got in. We all choose our favorite flavors and I went to pay. " Hell no you are not paying!!" Alexis said as she held my arm.

" Yes i am!! I'm the one who invited you guys!!" I told her. " But but!!" She said. " No butts" I told her, winking at her and paying for the ice cream. She groaned , as we sat down on a table. " This ice cream is really good!!!" Louie said as he stuffed his face with his chocolate ice cream. I chuckled at him and started eating my own. We all enjoyed our ice creams and had fun. Talking about basically everything. After that we went to the park. Alexis and i sat on the swings as the kids played around.

" Jane!! Jane!! look at me!!!" Louie yelled as he slid down the big slide. " Woah!! You were amazing!!" I told him as he smiled brightly at me. " Really?!! I went down the big slide this time!!! It wasn't scary!!" He told me proudly. " That's my boy!!" I told him as i hugged him. He giggled and went back to playing. Alexis smiled at us warmly and stared swinging. I went back to swinging too as i looked around the park.

After an hour of playing, the kids got tired and we decided to go home. We arrived at our houses and they got inside their house. " Aren't you coming in??" Alexis asked me. " No i gotta go talk to Brooke." I told her. I noticed that she hasn't been herself lately and we didn't hang out this whole week. So i decided to visit her. " Oh ok. Thanks for today, the kids really enjoyed it." Alexis said,smiling at me. I nodded my head in reply and did a salute.
She chuckled and got inside her house.

I took my bike and rode to Brooke's house.
I arrived there after five minutes and knocked the door. Brooke's mother opened the door , smiling at me. " Jane, Long time no see." Brooke's mother said as she hugged me. " Yeah sorry. I got busy. " I told her. " Brooke is upstairs. go" She said reading my mind, gesturing to the stairs. I nodded my head and smiled as i went upstairs. As i got near her bedroom, I heard music playing loudly. I heard her singing along to the song that was playing.

I opened the door slowly and chuckled at the sight. Brooke was dancing around and jumping on her bed. She jumped in fright as she noticed me standing. " Jesus Jane You scared the crap out of me!!" She said as she put her hands on her chest, breathing slowly. " Sorry " I apologized as i giggled at her scared look. " So what brings you here??" She asked as she sat down on her bed, turning off the music. " I wanted to talk.." I told her.

" About what?" She asked as i jumped next to her. " About you" I told her. She gave a confused look. " You've been acting strange lately. What's up??" I asked her as i felt her get nervous. " Huh? I don't know what you're talking about.." She said as she stared at the floor. " Brooke? Really??" I said as i took her chin between my fingers, Lifting her head to look me in the eyes. " It's nothing.." She said as she glanced at me then went back to stare at the floor.

" Brooke it's clearly something since you haven't been your usual self lately!!" I told her while furrowing my eyebrows in worry.
" Just tell me what's wrong!! please.." I pleaded as she finally looked me in the eyes. " I-i like you, jane!!! That's why i've been acting weird!! Because it hurts me everytime i see you with Alexis!! I just wish that i was her!!" She told me as she broke down crying. Holy shit she likes me. Brooke fucking likes me. I froze in my spot as i watched her cry.

" Y-you like me..." I whispered. I didn't what to do so i just hugged her until she calmed down. I rubbed her back as she finally calmed down. " Problem is i know that you really like Alexis and won't ever like me like that" Brooke whispered. " i'm sorry.." I told her. " Don't apologize jane. It's not your fault that i fell in love with you. Besides falling in love with you was the best feeling ever." She whispered as she smiled weekly at me. I smiled slightly and hugged her. She hugged back as she sighed.

" Wanna watch some Netflix??" I offered. " You know it" She chuckled at me. We layed down on her bed and watched it. We hang out for a quite long time. I checked the time on my phone to see that it's 3 pm. We went downstairs to hang out with her family because i missed them. " Hey guys " I said as we entered their living room. " Jane!! Hey kiddo!!" Brooke's Father greeted me. " Hey!!" I replied as we hugged. " I missed you kiddo!! Nobody wanted to play Call of duty with me!!" He said. I laughed at him. " I'm sorry!! We can play now??" I asked him. " Heck Yeah!!" He said excitedly as he high fived me. He went to prepare the game as i turned to Noah, Brooke's Younger brother. He's 15 years old.

" Hey jane" He said lifting his head from the book that he was reading. " Hey Noah" I replied,smiling at him. He smiled and went to back to reading. Typical Noah. " It's ready!! Come on!!" Brooke's father yelled excitedly. I jumped on the couch as i took the controller from his hands. " Ok let's beat the heck out of them!!" I told him as i got into my game mode. We played a few games and as usual we won. Not bragging but we always do!!

They offered me dinner but i declined and decided to head home. I got home and opened the front door. " Mom!! i'm home!!" I yelled as i took off my shoes. " Come eat dinner honey!!" She said as i went to the kitchen. My eyes landed on a fresh plate of spaghetti. " YOU MADE SPAGHETTIS??!!" I exclaimed as i ran to my seat, stuffing my face with it. " Yup!!"
She said as she started eating her own. " Thanks mom!!" I thanked her. She nodded her head. Once I finished, I went upstairs and straight to sleep.

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