Renku: "The Poor Girl's Guide to Becoming a Princess"

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The Poor Girl's Guide to Becoming a Princess


to the murmuring

of servants

gossip flutters

a bird adrift

on wayward winds

princesses —

beaten, cast out

for lacking proper fragility

rich gowns

made of heavy textiles

are easily stolen


for a tempest

thunder, lightening, torrents

dripping, wet

a trickling mess

in stolen clothes

Help! I am

a princess, a real

princess lost!


says the Queen

We'll see about that!

a ladder leans

against a tower of mattresses

a monolith of feather beds

beneath copious

layers of satin, silk, damask

a single pea

alone in the dark

strike skin with a tea spoon

until it blooms blue

sleep sound,

dreaming of delicacies,

upon a bed of clouds

morning wakes

a refrain of sparrow calls

in the yellow light

at breakfast, say

Oh! How horrid

I've slept!

What a boulder

there must have been

beneath the sheets!

present forearms

pocked with black bruises

as evidence

trumpets! fanfaire!

a wedding feast

a princely kiss


a secret



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