028 Qian Luo (1)

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"Ruoyun,this time you go out for a few days."

It took a quarter of an hour to spend a fortune in the gold ingot to send away the spirit, and the exhibition shook his body and shook the rouge smell, and laughed very 'debauchery'.

The impression is too low to describe him in better words...

Another big guy who is no worse than Yun Yun, even the second generation of entrepreneurs are so handsome, and sure enough, the world is very unreasonable! God is too unfair! Why are you sending such a handsome face to this kid!

"Hey, why did you bring the guests back?"

She saw her when she entered the door, and she dared to guarantee it! The kid is deliberately pretending not to see her! Could it be that he heard her say black sheep? She said very quietly, and only Qingxun and Ruoyun could hear it. He was so far away that it was impossible to hear!

Since it did not hear, but also ignored her ...... Qianluo guy!

"Ah, I met them in Bin Yang,  Lan Qin Yu , Qing Xun." Ruoyun to show off Qian luo made a brief introduction, which went around the front of Qin Yu looked for a moment, he tells feelings.

"Tut tut - Ruoyun, I have been thinking, in the end when you come back satisfied that a Princess, which finally brought back a, how not to look a little more eclectic body is also very general, are not Linger full, you? vision would not be so bad, right? "

Hey! She did not say his character in question, even to give lessons to her body! An outrage! Eclectic enough so what, she did not go out soliciting men! He does not mess around mess around! Not full so what! When she was not interested **! What a mess that is Linger in what capacity, what capacity she is! People rely on the body to eat, she did not rely on this meal, then the world do you want plump!

"I say you, I do not speak so rude okay?" Her Lan Qin Yu is not one to be trifled with !

  Qian luo blew a whistle and said: "Oh, I don't think it's a bit of a temper. Miss, what's the name? Lan Qin Yu? Well, the name is not bad, Ruoyun... this is the first time you came back with a woman, you shouldn't want to let her master the world? Is this temper very difficult?"

What did he say? Why is it that she can't be the mother of the world!

Wait... He just said... the mother of the world?

She suspiciously asked Ruoyun: "You are an emperor?"

The latter did not quite apologize. "Sorry, I didn't want to hide it, but I didn't find the right opportunity, and you didn't ask Yu..."

So to speak... Yue Ruoyun is the young emperor of the distant country? Is he the one who likes Kangxi like a private interview? It is no wonder that when I entered the Yan family, I thought of such a good reason! The best thing about the things in the palace is him...

"Since you are an emperor, don't you have to deal with politics in the palace?" Tianqing's father is very busy every day. It is really a matter of time. Is there any problem with playing around here? Listening to the tone of the mixed-race kid, Ruoyun is going out for a long time, then how can the distant moon country still live normally? Do not know that their emperor is not at home?

Ruoyun laughed off the question, but Qian luo interjected.

"When she said that I only remembered, you'd better hurry up to the scattered Wangfu, and Han Qing has been here for me several times."

Han Qing? San Wangfu? Why did the emperor go to the palace?


  San king's palace refers to the residence of the San prince of the distant moon country, almost! Since it is the prince, that is, the brother of Yue Ruoyun, the words... Just if Ruoyun seems to have said that the brother... refers to the San king?

A little confused... Why is the San king looking for Ruoyun? Ah! Chaos!

"I know, I am going to go, Qin Yu and Qing Xun will live here first. There is no opinion on it."

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