Chapter 2: Musical Meeting

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Your P.O.V.
As you got back to National City you headed back home. It was still nighttime so you were curious of how long you were actually kidnapped for. You entered your house, it was small but spacious for your taste. When you entered there was a couch to your left facing a TV along with a guitar and microphone to your right whenever you practiced music. That was just the living room, there was, in front of you, a three way hallway. To the right was a kitchen, to the left was your bedroom and in front of you was a bathroom. You've been meaning to get a table for a while, so when you entered your room to get your wallet you also checked the calendar. You were right, you were kidnapped for about 2 days. You said "Well, now I know what I wanna do tomorrow.".

You got some paper from under your bed (you keep millions of lined paper under your bed for sheet music and lyrics) and wrote down a list of things to do tomorrow. Up first was get a decent breakfast somewhere other than home, then get a decent sized table and finally practice your powers. You thought to yourself 'These powers are unique in a sense.'. You then saw you were still wearing your black getup. You then tried to take it off and realized that it was glued to you. Then you thought 'This getup only appeared on me when I had my powers, maybe....'. You concentrated and then the getup absorbed into your skin. Unfortunately, your hook remained. You knew this would hurt, you didn't care. You grabbed the chain and pulled it out of your skin. There was a seething pain in your wrist as the chain was engraved in your skin as you pulled it out. The problem was, it kept going. The chain had no end. It then recoiled back in your skin and the hook remained out as well. You decided to save it for tomorrow morning as you laid down in bed and slept.

Timeskip to tomorrow morning
You awoke with your wrist hurting like crazy. You looked over and saw that there was no chain or hook. You jolted up and checked your wrist, the chain and hook were still there. They were invisible. You said "Good enough." and started to get ready to leave. You got in the shower and did your usual morning routine. You got changed into a nice shirt and sweatpants, you just wanted out of the house. Once you were ready you headed out to eat.

You arrived at your usual place to have breakfast, The Rorschach Club. There weren't a lot of people there but there were a few you recognized. But you wanted to stick to your plan, so you ordered something small but filling. You sat down and the waitress came over. Normally being a club she was very showy. She said in Texan accent "Can I take yer order?". You said "Just some eggs and bacon.". She said "Coming right up.". You said "Thanks." and you started looking around. You spotted a poster showcasing a karaoke night tonight at the alien bar. You thought 'Eh, it's worth a shot.'. Then the waiter brought you your breakfast and said "Thanks." she then walked off. As you ate you thought of songs to sing at the karaoke. Tamer's Beautiful Crime entered your head and you thought 'That'll do.'. You finished eating and headed out for your table.

Supergirl's P.O.V
I entered the DEO and it still felt empty without Winn and J'onn. At least I still had Alex and James. Brainy was an interesting addition to the DEO but he's pretty fun. I saw Brainy at the computer and was scratching his head in near confusion. I went up to him and said "Brainy what are you looking up?". He then asked me "What is a karaoke?". Alex then walked in and said "Why do you ask?". He said "The bar you and Kara always go to is holding something called a 'karaoke night'". Alex said "We should go. It'll be like old times.". I said "It won't be the same without Winn but, yeah, we should go.". Brainy then asked again "What is karaoke.". Alex chuckled softly and said "Come with me and I will tell you.". Brainy said "Ok." and walked with Alex.

As I got ready for the karaoke I saw someone down below dragging a table. It seemed heavy so I headed down to help him out. I walked up to him and said "You need some help?". He said "Yes please." and put the table down. He said "Can you get the back while I get the front?". I said "Sure." and got behind to help him out. He seemed to get a bit stronger and in no time at all we got to what seemed to be his house. He said "Thanks. I've been hauling that thing for a while.". I said "No problem.". I then saw something out of the corner of my eye, a microphone and a guitar.

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