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-Chapter 18

Knowingly Forgotten

Lisa's Point of View:

I got a message from an unknown number which turns out to be Taehyung's.

He told me that it was him and gave acceptable proof so I immediately changed his name on my phone.


Kim Taehyung

So what did
you name me?

I named you
by your name.
Simple as that.

Really? I labeled
your number as
Landon. 😏

My eyes rolled at his reply in annoyance as since that nickname was already overused in our conversations.

Whatever, I quit using Talia on this guy.

You're lucky
that I won't
even bother to
change yours
anymore. 😒😒😒

Yeah, yeah, Lisaaaaa
Help me out
here, would ya?

My eyes furrowed at his sudden change of subject. What kind of help is it now that he's asking for this time?

What kind of
help? I'll escort you
to the mental asylum?

I smiled at my reply and I could already imagine that he's saying "nevermind" all over the place.

Well, it's sorta
related since both
had something to do
with the brain.
Except it's not
mine, that is.

"Not about him? That's new." My eyebrows raised at his sudden request which is dedicated for another person besides himself. Taehyung? Let's just say that he only helps people for the benefits back then.

Just go
straight to
the point.

Okay, okay. So I saw
the way you looked
at Jennie and it seemed
like you were wondering
why she acted like she
didn't even know you.
Well, she got into an accident
and forgot her memories.
I do remember seeing that
you two were close back
then in high school so I guess
you had some of your
moments you could tell her.

I wasn't even shocked at his words since Jimin had already told me about this earlier.

I knew that,
Jimin told me
just now.

Well, I was
hoping that you
could come to
Jennie and I's
apartment this
weekend to start
sharing it with her.

I didn't even
agree to it yet,
but sure, I had
nothing important
to do by that time

So it's all good?
Goodnight, Liz.


I laid my phone on the bedside table as I closed my eyes while trying to recollect what happened for this day. The misfortune I received today was like a bucket with overflowing ice cold water.

It was too much to intake.

Eh, forget about today since sleep is just right around the corner. I welcomed it warmly before dozing off.


Jungkook's Point of View:

"Good morning world!" I smiled as I stepped out the apartment building, feeling fresh oxygen circulate through me. The temperate wind greeting my skin.

"Ooh, jolly Jungkook is back?" I turned around and saw Jimin looking at me while smiling cheekily having his arms crossed.

"What are you talking about? Your joyful Jungkook was always here. You were probably even too busy to notice it because you were more into Rosé than me." I told him with my first few words playful but as I said the last ones, I inserted a pout and copied his action.

"Yah! Jungkook ah! You're turning disrespectful to your hyung?" He smacked my head and I rubbed it instantly.

"Jiminie-hyunggg." I cooed and his face immediately turned soft after his trying hard tough expression. Whenever, I coo his name he always seemed to call down. It was like his weakness.

"It's not called "being disrespectful", it's called stating proven facts." I spoke teasingly with my wiggling eyebrows, earning myself a smack once again .

"Aish, whatever."


Hours have passed and I am sitting here, really really tired after all that dancing. Wait no, to say that I'm tired is an understatement, I'm exhausted!

I gave the last flyer to a passerby and went inside the restaurant I work in. I dashed inside the staff room and took of my mascot's head. Staying inside that mascot for hours was suffocating me, what more if you add some dancing?

Feeling the air, I heaved a sigh. My sweat is dripping down my head as if I just took a shower. I took a towel from my locker which is situated near me and rubbed it across my sweating skin. I went to the kitchen only to see Jimin washing loads of plates.

"You need help there, hyung?" I offered my help to Jimin since I was already done with my shift.

"It's alright, Kook. Besides, there's only one sink, how can you help me wash these?" He indirectly shooed me and I went to where the customers are located.

"Aye, Bam! How ya doin?" I locked my arms on his neck and fist bumped his shoulder as he jumped at my sudden appearance. He wasn't really taking any orders as he was just there, standing blankly as if in deep thought.

"I would be feeling much better if you stop cutting the flow of my oxygen supply." He said as if I actually choked him. I chuckled, removed my arm from his neck and he gave me that serious face.

"So what do you need now?" He asked me with arms crossed with an eyebrow quirked in anticipation for a retort.

"I was gonna ask if you need any type of assistance?" I flashed my bunny teeth and now both of his eyebrows had raised.

"Well, I may actually need some help from you right now." He says nervously and I am quite surprised at his use of the nervous tone. I can espy his fingers going over each other infinitely.

"Can you take some orders for me for a while? I need to do some important business right now." He spoke, embarassed. I laughed because of his reason.

"Yeah, sure. I can fill in for now. Now go before that thing explodes." I stated kiddingly and slapped his butt not so loud.

He gave me that "you must be kidding me" look and I shooed him away and laughed.

I stood across the busy people and waited for some to call my attention. I was looking down while fidgeting with my fingers as I had nothing to do.

"Waiter!" A person called and I immediately moved towards the direction of that voice.

"Um, I would like some-" She stops as she looks up at me. I froze on my spot.

How? What is she doing here?

-Chapter 18 End

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