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-Chapter 17


Jungkook's Point of View:

"Lisa! Wait! Don't put the phone down." I told her pleadingly and glanced at my phone. Luckily, the phone call is still ongoing. I looked at my right and saw Jimin gazing at me intently after realizing what he just did.

I only heard static silence from the other line and initiated my explanation. "So um, you see..." I stuttered and the speechlessness from the other side remained.

"Jimin and I went out for a morning jog and we went back to our apartment. Once he saw that you're  calling me, he decided to pester me and tried stealing my phone. I tickled him to grab it back and he unexpectedly "moaned". Please don't get the wrong idea." I told her the truth nervously while biting my lip. From my peripheral view, I could see Jimin trying to suppress his laughter. I sent him a split second glare while mouthing, "it's not funny."

"Really, can Jimin confirm this?" I frowned that she doesn't believe me fully but still thankful due to the fact that she gave time to listen to me. I placed the call on speaker mode so that I can hear what she would say and gave it to Jimin.

"Yeah, Liz it was me." He admitted while blushing and I laughed at his expression.

"Well, I didn't believe you for a second because that sounded more of a woman's than a man's." The voice from the other line was very playful, I could tell. The guy right beside me blushed even harder due to the embarrassment he's feeling and I cackled louder while clapping and slapping my knee from time to time.

"Hey babe, what were you saying earlier?" I diverted the topic and could already picture her as a tomato because of my unexpected use of a nickname. Well, I didn't hear what she had to say earlier because Jimin here, tried getting my phone out of my grasp.

"I asked you earlier if you wanted to hear about my day." She answered my question and I answered "you should be" straightforwardly and with no hesitation.

Well, we don't do video calls in "my" morning since she said she doesn't want me to see her looking like a zombie after all that workload. I didn't believe it one bit that she'll look like a zombie. But oh well, she's the woman, I have to follow.

"Oh, overprotective Jungkook is on, Lisa! You better be careful when in- Ow!" I hit Jimin on his neck harshly and glared at his attempt on making a dirty joke. We heard plain silence from the other line.

"Wait, I'll just go to my room." I went up from my seat until I heard her say something.

"No, it's nothing confidential. Also, more insights are better than one." She said casually and I huffed taking it in as an offensive insult. Jimin cackled at me.

"So you see, many things had happened this morning I lost my card, I saw y-" She abruptly stopped her flow of words making me furrow my brows.

"Erm, forget about that." She said with her awkward tone but my expression didn't leave.

What is she hiding?

"I've reunited with some old faces." She paused. "And they are?" I asked and anticipated for her answer.

"Kim Taehyung and Jennie Kim." My jaw dropped at her answer. Wait, no. My jaw clenched and anger started to fill up my body. Jimin heard it and he had a surprised visage on.

"Did he do anything bad to you?" I asked her worriedly considering the fact that he obviously disliked the girl since they first met.

"Ah, no. In fact, I forgave him. He actually... saved me from getting hurt earlier." She spoke with a slight pause in between her words and my anger didn't loosen up a bit.

"You almost got hit by a car?" I questioned her aggravatingly. Well, I'm even more disappointed since I was not the one who saved her since I'm from the other side of the planet right now. I glanced at Jimin and he had a concerned look on.

"Are you okay now?" Jimin softly inquired and I cringed.

Hey! That's my line!

He noticed my cringing at him so he rolled his eyes.

"So are you really okay?" I asked with a concerned tone and heard a "yes, I'm alright" from the other line.

"And Jennie?" I interrogated her and I crossed my arms.

"Oh." I heard her voice and it seems to be filled with slight dismay and gloom. My eyebrows instantly raised at her unexpected use of such tone.

"Well, she didn't remember me." That explains her sadness from the other line. I know how she felt, we experienced the same thing.

Losing a friend sucks and is something you won't forget in years.

They were like peas in a pod, the four of them stuck by each other for years.

Just like how he and I used to be.

"Liz?" Jimin spoke and I looked at him instantly.

"I heard that she got into some accident in the past year, that's probably why she doesn't remember you." He spoke and she stayed silent from the other line.

The gloomy silence had been broken by her yawn and we decided to say our goodbyes.

"Goodnight, Liz. Sleep tight, I love you." I cooed and she reciprocated my action.

The call ended and I looked over to Jimin.

"When will you tell her the truth?"

"It's not nearing anytime soon."


Lisa's Point of View:

The call had ended and I went to do my bedtime routine which involves taking one last bath for the day and brushing my teeth.

I slipped into my pajamas and sat by the window for an unknown reason.

I opened the curtains only to see the moon shining brightly.

"Oh, nights have passed and I still have more to undergo until I see them again." I sighed out loud then proceeded to jump onto my bed, my back hitting the comfortable mattress.

From there, I started contemplating about my life.

There's just this some sort of feeling that has been bugging me by the time he told me the "actual" story. I've been having doubts on him.

I feel like there's something he's hiding from me.

Is he actually here in America?

It was his voice that I heard earlier, the man across the café, the back I saw in the lobby. It just doesn't make sense.

Do I really trust Jungkook?

I do, I don't, and I really don't know.

My debate has been interrupted by my phone vibrating.

I opened it only to see something.

You have a message from an unknown number.

-Chapter 17 End

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