Chapter 33 - not a simple man

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Ethan quickly understood that I'll not be able to stand and walk by myself.

He picked me up in his arms, bridal style and carried me to the bathroom.
My arms were around his strong neck and I was squeezing him as if I wanted to seal his body to mine.
I don't know if I did that because I was afraid to fall, or because I needed him close to me.


Once in the bathroom he put me on the ground but my legs were shirking.

I would have fallen if he wasn't here to catch me and take me in his arms again.

"Okay, sit there." He said in his soft voice, sitting me next to the sink.

He then opened the shower curtains.

"What are you doing ?" I asked.
"I'm going to help you."
"I can take a shower later, Ethan."
He came back towards me and cupped my head in his hands, locking his eyes with mine.
"You feel sick and you just throw up on yourself and your hair is a mess, you need a shower right now, Mao." He said.

He was right. I looked down.

Am I about to let Ethan undress me and see my disgusting naked body ?


Do I have any other choice tho ?



Ethan started by taking off my shirt which was covered with vomit. He thrown it directly in the clothes hamper.

His hands on my skin were soft and I was surprised by that.
I always saw him pretty clumsy and rough with his huge ass hands.
He has always struggled to control his strength, I have already saw him breaking glasses simply by taking them in his hands.
But on me, he was careful, soft and gentle.


Because I was in bed I wasn't wearing a bra so I crossed my arms to cover my boobs, my cheeks becoming red from embarrassment.

"You can hide yourself if you feel inconfortable." Ethan started, taking off my pants.
"But you don't need to." He continued, still working on taking of my pants.
"You are beautiful."
He stopped talking a few seconds.
"You're actually the most beautiful girl I've ever laid my eyes on..." he murmured mostly to himself, but I somehow managed to hear it.

"Thank you..." I said, running a hand through his hair while he was taking off my socks.

I was just left in my panties.

Ethan lifted me gently and put me on my feet, my arm around his muscular shoulder for support while he took them off.

After that he looked up at me.

I wasn't hiding myself anymore.

He stood up in between my legs and caressed my cheeks, his eyes locked with mine, once again.

I could see so much love and adoration and respect in his eyes.

He was not taking advantage of me.

He was helping me because I needed help.
He was treating me like a princess, like a fragile crystal glass that can break at any time.

"Can I kiss you ?" Ethan asked me suddenly.

And that's when I realized.

That's when I understood everything.

That's when I lost it.

Tears started running down my cheeks.

Ethan was not just a simple man.
He was not here to help a girl because he wanted to feel better about himself.

He was not here just because his brother told him I needed help.

He was here because I ment something to him.

Because he loved me, and maybe because he cared about me.
Because he cared about me probably more than I cared about myself.

At the hospital, they take notes, they analyze your comportement, they take pictures of your body to see the evolution, they x-ray you...
Everyday, every seconds, they basically use you as a guinea pig, as an object.

They do whatever they want with your body, they own you.
For them you are a playground.

The fact to not being treated as a person but as a problem to solve was slowly taking my identity away.

And Ethan just gave it back to me.

I don't feel like an object anymore.

I'm Mao.

Just Mao.

"Yeah..." I murmured.
"You can."

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