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5 years later

as the colours of the day rest was a sign that rena just got done with her daily shift. she now worked at a japanese resturant with her friend, jisoo. she is so grateful she got this job. this is actually her third job after being a stylist for four years at a well-known company. unfortunately, she got tired of that job and wanted to try something new and fresh.

living in the heart of the city, she had grown used to having the warm, orange glow of the streetlamps outside. she walked past a stuffed animal claw machine and suddenly thought of mingyu. her old bestfriend who got killed by her ex boyfriend, jungkook.
she misses them both, but as people say— you have to move on.

rena and mingyu always came here after school. many years ago they had these childish bets if you got a higher score on a test than the other one, then the loser had to win a stuffed animal and give it to the winner.
mingyu lost at lot of money on this one.
a smile suddenly appeared on renas face.

mingyu knew all of her secrets and so did she with mingyus. they promised never to lie or keep secrets from eachother. but there was one secret that mingyu kept from rena. something that he was so ashamed and embarrased to tell her. he always thought of the worst scenarios that she'll find him weird or never talk to him again. in other words, he was afraid of losing her.
that's also why he told her not to go out with jungkook,
maybe he was right.

jungkook didn't exist in her life after he confessed to the police, she haven't seen him since. she never visited him either. she got her explaination that day and left him right after because she couldn't look at him anymore.
all she knew was that jungkook has gotten treatment, but she doesn't know if he'll ever get out of jail.


i called my friends over at my house cause we were going to celebrate hoseok hyungs birthday. they all came with one plastic bag each. seokjin hyung baked a cake, namjoon hyung came with our gift that we all bought together (aka balenciaga sneakers that hoseok has been begging all of us to buy for him), yoongi hyung brought birthday candles, jimin hyung bought an extra gift and taehyung hyung came with soju and snacks.

we all got drunk that night. everyone had left except for jimin. we were both tired and decided to go to bed, but suddenly someone knocked at the door. i forced myself to go and open it and it was mingyu, renas bestfriend.
he didn't look happy, but i invited him in anyways.

« why did you tell her? » he suddenly asked. his eyes were dark, really really dark. he looked like he havent slept for months. i didn't know what he was talking about at that time. mingyu repeated the question but louder this time, it suprised me that jimin was still sleeping like a rock on the couch.
« what do you mea— » before i even finished he already punched me in the face and pushed me against the wall.

« mingyu what the hell! »
there was a long table with snacks and bottles behind him. he managed to grab a soju bottle and throw it on the wall where my back was lying against. my eyes shut tight and all i could hear was glass breaking into thousand pieces.
it all happened so fast.
he grabbed another bottle and was about to crack it on my head, but before he got the chance i pushed him the hardest i could that made him fall on the floor.

« okay yeah i told her! but she's with me now so please go home. it's late and i don't want things to get worse.» i sighed and rubbed my eyes.
he didn't answer.
why didnt he answer?
why is his eyes closed?

blood from the back of his head started covering the floor.
i started panicking and ran to the livingroom to wake jimin who were still sleeping. i started stuttering while waking him up.
« m-mingyu started screaming— he started throwing fists, and then suddenly i-i h-hyung what have i done?!»
jimin opened his eyes and confusion was read all over his face. he didn't know what i was panicking about until he saw mingyu laying on the floor.

« what the hell?!! oh my god! »

he rubbed his eyes twice and then looked at me with a shocking look. i have never seen that kind of look coming from jimin before.

« okay jungkook, relax! you didn't do this okay! right now we have to leave. NOW! » jimin yelled and attempted to drag me with him. i told him we couldn't just leave him here and people were going to find out sooner or later. but that didn't make the situation any better.

« i'll help you, don't worry. »

i regret four things:
- that we left him there
- that i told rena about mingyus bipolar disorder without his permission
- that i pushed him
- that i was jealous about their relationship


the last bonus chapter is coming soon!

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but i uploaded this chapter due to a critique i got from a person.
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- thao

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