026 Exhibitor (1)

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"Master, listen to me."

Wang was scared of the six gods, and saw that Lan Qin Yu stood by and watched the excitement. Only then did she know that she was being counted, and she could only cry and tears. She could only repeat , ' listen to me'.

Yan may still listen? And who might listen to her sophistry?

"I have heard it very clearly outside! You, you have made such a ridiculous thing! I am wasted on you!"

People are greedy animals. They don't have desires because they are married to the giants. Desires will only accumulate more over time, and their ambitions will grow larger. Yan Lao only cares about beauty and wastes his own cool mind as a businessman. This can only blame him for not being cautious enough to break into the home.

If it weren't for them to meet, and after a few days, if they were not good, they would really be ruined. If Wang is bad enough, she can do it even if she is poisonous.

Wang's slap in the face of Yan's master, fell to the ground, burst into tears... The beautiful crying will make people feel pity, and the yellow face will only make people feel very difficult to see because Huang Yingpo wants to make her face look Young, usually spend a lot of makeup, whether in modern or ancient, no exception. Wang's crying makeup is all spent, and everyone who meets will feel that he has seen the ghost...


The people in the government have also heard the news. Some people who know Wang's behavior on weekdays have seen this scene, and they all understand that Wang's affairs are revealed and they dare not say anything. There are also some people who should be oppressed by Wang. The color of their faces is clear, and they don't mean to stop the lord. Although they want to stop, they can't stop...

Yan Lao is a man. He is a pretty burly middle-aged man. When he slaps a person to hit the ground, it is natural that there is no need to say more. The impact of the person being beaten will not be small.

The moment Wang fell, everyone saw the corner of the cloth that was exposed from her clothes...

The iron card of fake pregnancy, 'child' ran out!

No hope, even if Wang said that no one would believe her, the farce ended in the sternness of Yan's majesty.

"Get out! We don't need you like this woman! Let me get out of the Yan family! Roll!"

The shame was thrown into this share, and Wang still had the face to stay, squinting and standing up and trying to leave.

"Small lady, oh, no, it's a strict former lady, don't rush, don't forget to bring your 'child' and drop the 'child', no matter what a good mother should do. "Qin Yu picked up the old clothes that fell out of her stomach and still gave Wang, smirked and laughed, very satisfied! Haha!

Get rid of it! Finally, it's a bit of a solution!


The people were relegated by the strict master. Only the two men and the strict lord were left in the hall. The temper was over, and the people also drove away. At this moment, the strict man sat on the ground and cried.

When I got to this, Yan Qian did not need to explain more. I believe that Yan Laozi also understands that he is a strange son, so he will shed tears of remorse.

"I am so confused, I believe her words... I have driven my own son out of the house! I... I am a failed father..."

"I said Yan, I am not saying that you, even if your wife died, don't you take it so quickly?" In the modern wife died, there are also remarriage, but... he is too fast at this time. Emotionally, he doesn't feel sorry for Wang's appearance at all. It's also a bit of a play. Why did he marry Wang?

If you want to continue the incense, you have already been strict!

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