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Lalisa Manoban changed her cover photo

Friends-7 words but has different meaning.
They would be your team mates or your worse enemy

 They would be your team mates or your worse enemy-BlackPink_is_the_revolution

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Jennie Kim: I seym cp ko to HAHA

Jisoo Kim: Ako rin

Rose Park: Me 3!

Lalisa Manoban: Ayiee!

Bambam Kunpimook: Danda ni ate Lisa <3

Lalisa Manoban: Ako pa *le flips hairue*

Bambam Kunpimook: Confedence eh HAHA

Jeon Jungkook: Ganda ni baby Lily. ^_^

Lalisa Manoban: Kamsa *^*

Jeon Jungkook: Cheonma *~*

Bambam Kunpimook: Di ako na inform na pwede na palang maging chat box ang comment box? 😂😡👍

Lalisa Manoban: Shut up!

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