Chapter 1

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Sarah Wood^

"We were playing hide and seek and then I couldn't find him," Sarah explained while pacing back and forth in the living room across where Addison seated, running her hand through her hair repeatedly. "Then there's an old lady said, she saw him cross the street and going west. I thought he was back here but then he wasn't here, and he wasn't there either, and you're alone here, and then–"

Addison had it enough and stand, placing both hands on Sarah's shoulders, forcing her to stop pacing and babbling.

"Sarah, it's okay. Stop doing that, the pacing isn't help anything. I'm going to search for him." Addison said the last part while staring at the heavy rain, tapping against the floor-to-ceiling glass window outside her apartment building.

"But it's raining outside. Come here, I'll make you some hot chocolate while we're waiting for the rain to stop, and we'll search him afterward."

"I don't care about hot chocolate! Do you think I would sitting here cozy and warm with hot chocolate, while my son probably freezing in rain out there? No thank you!" Addison snapped and regretting her outburst immediately.

"I'm sorry, I'm just..." She tried to apologize but her words fading and she buried her face in her palms.

"Hey," Sarah wrapped her hands around her. "We will find him together, okay? I was the reason he was lost and I'll help you to find him."

"No, you don't have to. I'll go alone."

"But–" Sarah started but Addison quickly interjected.

"Wyler is in there. In your room." Addison wiped the tears in her eyes and jutted her chin toward the closed door, Sarah's bedroom.

"What that motherfūcker doing here–" Sarah muttered hotly under her breath.

"He wants to talk. That's all. Just listen to him, let him explain himself. If you think he was wrong, leave him, or kicked him out from here in this case."

Although Sarah wants to say something, but think better of it with quick shakes of her head. With the last glance at the rain outside, she reluctantly nodded her head and murmured a small 'Good Luck', and spun around headed to her bedroom.

Heaved a sigh, Addison grabbed her jacket from the back of the couch and put on it, extended her hands towards the key in a bowl next to the door. Before she could open the door, Sarah came again and shoved the pink umbrella in Addison's hand.

"I hide my wand in there, I thought that might be useful." She attempted to joked, earning a low chuckle from Addison.


With heavy rain, it was hard to see anything through. Not to mention her umbrella kept trying to blowing off, dragged by winds. When she reached the parking lot at the park, there's only one car parked there, and slight movements inside the car caught her attention. She crossed the street and peeked inside the blue range rover.

The sight almost gave her a heart attack. She knew it was wrong to peek into someone's car, but she just desperately looking for information about her son's whereabouts.

And what a wonderful sight I got here, ladies and gentlemen, she thought sarcastically.

She began to pound the dark window harshly.

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