"All my time is frozen motion

Can't I stay an hour or two or more. Don't let me let you go. Don't let me let you go"

-Here's To The Night- Eve 6

The night was going by so slowly and I was nearly falling asleep. Intake was slow and fortunately there wasn't much going on in the ward. I kept staring at my computer screen and dozing for a minute here and there. It was quiet, and I kept thinking about the last several months, how much things had changed and how I felt like I finally had a home again. Bucky and I had basically become best friends, not really what I hoped for, but something is better than nothing I thought to myself. I was just ready for things to change and I really wanted a chance to make that happen, but I wasn't ready, and neither was he. We were so close now. We talked every day, all day. Texting, emailing and spending most nights talking in front of the tv. It was so easy to talk to him, so comfortable. He was damaged, fragile and scared and I was too. I just couldn't bring myself to tell him the truth about me and that made me feel so guilty, like I was lying or being something, I wasn't. I guess that's exactly what I was doing though. I was hiding from my old life, the people in it and the things that happened. I wanted to hide when I got to this city and I have and now it feels wrong.

"Gabe, you're off in twenty, can you do checks real fast?", Leo asked me quickly as he sprinted by with an armful of charts.

I got up and slowly made my way down the ward, the hall was quiet and there was a light flickering above me, it was distracting, and I nearly walked right past the first room. I poked my head into the rooms, everyone was sleeping, quiet. It was what I expected, but Leo liked to keep me busy and I didn't mind. I wrote down all the times on my clipboard and finished up with the last of ten rooms. Nothing happened, and I was off in about two minutes.

I was definitely ready to go, and I rushed to the computer to clock out. Leo wasn't in the room and Brenda was cleaning up the rec room. I slipped out silently. I was eager to get home. I was exhausted, and it was already nearly 2am. I hated the long night shifts, but since I needed the hours, I took what I could get. I ended up working in reception in another department for about three weeks, but Leo pulled some strings and got me back on schedule, I had to take more night shifts and it was a small price to pay to not to have to do reception.

The drive home was a blur and I could feel my eyes getting heavy as I walked up the stairs of my apartment. The building was quiet for once and it was almost eerie. I walked in, trying to be quiet, I knew Steve was probably snoring his life away, but Bucky never slept well, and I hated waking him up.

I snuck in, set my bag down on the counter and made my way to my room with the light of my phone and I was startled by a rustling sound. It sounded like footsteps on the floor, but in a shuffling motion. I stopped in my tracks and froze, I was instantly scared, my heart was beating against my chest with such a force that I couldn't breathe.

"Hello?", I asked with my voice cracking.

Silence. I started to think maybe my mind was playing tricks on me and then I heard another sound. It sounded like an exhale. I thought I was going to pee my pants right at that moment. I couldn't move, I wanted to go into my room, I was only a few feet away, but I couldn't move. I was frozen in fear at these sounds and I didn't know what to do. My god, they found me... I thought to myself.

"Hello?", I asked again, this time sounding more frantic.

"Gabe?", the voice said back. The voice was low, almost muffled. I didn't recognize it completely at first, it scared me.

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