Detention Centers

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Annabeth opened her eyes early in the morning to see the face of a cat next to hers. She smiled, reaching out to pet the black cat. She purred playfully, getting the cat to open her eyes. She meowed, her electric blue eyes blinking in boredom, before she got off the bed with a huff. Annabeth smiled and sat up, rolling her eyes. "Calm down, Thalia. You're never happy." She stood up, pushing her curly hair over her shoulder as she grabbed her cell phone from her charger, on the floor.

Her smile grew as she read the text that had woken her up.

'Mornin', Wise Girl. Finally back, and I can't wait to see your smile again.'
~ Mr. Bad Boy

Annabeth laughed softly. Percy had gotten taken to a detention center, after being accused of stealing a BMW. It had been 2 weeks since she'd seen her boyfriend, and she wished she could tell someone that they were together still. That they were ever together. Quickly, Annabeth got dressed, in a pink sundress, black fishnet stockings, black platform heels, and her silver bracelets. Before her father and step-mother knew she was awake, Annabeth was out of the apartment, all but running to her and Percy's usual meeting place.

He was there already, looking as good as ever. His hair was an absolute mess, his sea green eyes distracted by everything, his hands constantly running through his messy raven hair. His clothes consisted of black jeans, a black Kansas band Tee, and a black leather jacket. Annabeth fell in love with him all over again when she saw him. He glanced towards her, and his trouble maker smile making her heart skip a beat.

"What took you so long, Seaweed Brain?" She smiled coyly, walking up to him, smiling flirtatiously at her extremely attractive boyfriend. He gently turned her, pressing her back to the wall.

"If I'd skipped out this time, beautiful, I'd be locked up for good." She rolled her eyes, pulling him close by the lapels of his jacket. "I don't think I'd be able to live in Prison."

"And why's that?" She laughed, reaching up to play with the lip piercing he had.

"The only thing that gets me through those stupid places is knowing that I get to see your smile again. In prison, there's no guarantee of that." She rolled her eyes jokingly and bit her bottom lip. His eyes danced between her lips and her eyes, clearly debating on what he wanted to do. Annabeth wanted him to just make up his mind and kiss her already, but he ended up stepping away from her, putting an arm around her shoulders. "I wouldn't be able to survive without seeing your face every day, in somewhere other than my dreams."

She laughed and kissed his cheek. "You're so dramatic."

"You love it."

"I do. And I also love you."

"I love you, too, Wise Girl." His eyes sobered up, and it seemed like he'd remembered that they'd been apart for a while. He leaned his head in and kissed her softly, slowly. It was the kiss she never wanted to forget, the kiss that had landed him a second date when she wasn't supposed to be out of the house. Her dad didn't approve of Percy - He'd been sent to numerous detention centers, locked up in multiple jail cells, and had a few charges on his name still, most of which were cases of mistaken identity - and had said she wasn't allowed to see him when Percy had tried picking her up for date one. She ended up sneaking out two hours later to meet him. It was the first time she'd broken the rules. The first time she'd had fun that wasn't school related... And yes, she had fun at school.

Annabeth closed her eyes happily, a hand on his neck. They'd been together two years, almost three. In just a couple weeks, Annabeth could tease Percy about their anniversary, 3 years after they day when they'd made it official to Percy's small group of close friends. They'd all adopted her into their little family, and constantly teased Percy about when he was going to kiss Annabeth in front of the school. He wanted too. Annabeth knew he did... But her dad was an investor at the high school and spent a lot of time there when Annabeth was at school, so he would know about their relationship if Percy did that... She didn't want to risk him breaking them apart. Annabeth loved Percy to much to risk it.

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