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3| Jacob. 1,229 words.
February 11th, 2008.

I pulled my pumpkin orange sweater over my grey long sleeve shirt as I prepared myself to go the reservation of La Push. Charlie wanted me to go check on Bella's homecoming present that he'd been planning since she'd decided she was coming back.

Jacob Black, the son of Billy Black will be working on the orange pile of junk known as my sister's soon to be truck. Jacob was my age, and we used to be pretty good friends, that was until my disorder destroyed it of course.

Billy Black was big on food, he always had the house stalked up and would insist we eat up. At first it was easy filling my mouth with lies such as, "Oh I already ate." Or even, "I'm trying this seven day vegetarian diet thing."

But that was before the pounds started to drop. I had been around 117lbs when he noticed a significant difference.

"Hey Jake!" I yelled stepping into his own little workshop as he sat himself under Mr. Clearwater's old Chevy.

He rolled himself out from the truck and stood, smiling, "Hey! I missed you at the Atera cookout the other day, what happened?"

"Oh I had to help Charlie clean the cruiser." I lied easily, adjusting the school bag that was on my shoulders.

His eyebrows furrowed in cofusion, "But Charlie was at the cookout..?"

"Oh did I say help? I meant he asked me to do it myself." I recovered nervously, my arms crossing themselves defensively.

Jacob shrugged but then went in for a hug, "Either way it's good to see you."
As the hug continued Jacob couldn't help but notice how bony I was, my shoulder blade felt like actual blades, but once again he shrugged it off.

I released him from my arms and sat on a tire close to one he sat himself on. He laughed at my awkward posture and suggested, "So, how about a movie night? We can go in to the house, laugh at the dodgy action scenes and order a pizza."

I laughed nervous I but nodded my head anyways, "Yeah! Sounds good."

We went inside the house and sat on the couch as the intro to the movie played while my legs rested in his lap.

Jake had already called in for a pizza and it should arrive in about ten minutes and I had no clue what to do.

"Why are you my best friend?" I questioned randomly, playing with his long, black hair.

He quircked an eyebrow at me, "Why do you ask?"

"I don't know, I guess I don't think I deserve the amazing Jacob Black as my bestie." I shrugged, curling myself in towards the couch more.

He looked out in thought before replying, "Well it's just logical, our dad's are best friends so that makes us built in best friends. And if anything I don't deserve you."

The door bell rang and Jacob jumped up, flinging my feet off of him. I hugged my legs to myself as he payed the delivery boy.

Jake entered the room holding the box, "One large, cheese pizza with extra ham coming right up."

He grabbed us plates as I got off the couch, "How many slices?"

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