A cruel reality

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<3 This is the PG13ish version of this chapter, the slightly longer mature version can be found in "When death takes notice (mature chapters only)".  Im not sure if I actually managed to tone this chapter down enough (in other words .. its a lot more graphic than my previous PG13 chapters..).

So this is aimed at all the impressionable youngsters out there.. If you see someone jump off of a cliff or drink the tainted coolaid, it doesnt mean that you have to do it too. Be smart, use your brain, or follow your gut if your brain lacks the required cells to form some sort of coherent individual thoughts. And if drinking coolaid is your thing, then go for it I guess... Just be sure that you know what your doing, and that all participants are willing.<3

"P..P.. Please dont do this Bryan." I sobbed, the fabric of the pillowcase stuck to my mouth as I gasped for air. It felt like I was getting slowly strangled by the dark cloth covering my head.

Suddenly my head and torso where mercilessly ripped away from the mattress, as he pulled my torso into an upright position, his hand fisting the pillowcase covering my head.

"Do you wish to be gaged as well love? Because that is what your useless begging will get you." He hissed against my ear. I could feel the heat radiate off of his body due to the close proximity between our flesh.

I shook my head fervently from side to side, deathly afraid to utter a single word, lest he would follow through with his threat. I could barly breathe as is, a gag in my mouth would truly kill me.

"I thought so." His velvet voice cut me. He gave a slight pause before he continued, the next words that left his mouth felt like they flayed my soul to shreds. "The only sounds I will allow from your lips are your sweet, sweet moans as I fuck you hard, my name, yes, thank you, and of course my favorite, please Bryan, please dont stop. Is that understood?"

I nodded my head, petrified in his cruel grip.

"I said, is that understood?" He demanded an answer, his harsh voice unyielding.

"Y..Y.. Yes." I whimpered out inbetween shallow gasps of air, my heart painfull as it slammed against my ribcage, it hurt so much. Please make it stop, please. I felt sick to my stomach, goosebumps spread across my cold skin, I wanted to throw up.

"Good girl." His silky praise slid across the skin of my neck, coating me in its oily sheen, adding another layer of slick grime to my nausea. He released the pillowcase from his grip, and pushed me, the palm of his hand flat against my chest. My back hit the mattress, and my head bounced once as a result of the sudden impact. I lay perfectly still as I felt his form follow me down.

"I will give you a small reward for doing what you where told love." His fingers rolled the fabric covering my head slightly up, freeing my mouth from the constricting material.

I pulled several deep breaths of air into my lunges. My breath calmed slightly, as relief washed over me, breathing felt so much easier without having to suck air through the thick fabric.

"Love, are you not going to thank me for being so nice to you?" His sickly sweet voice tore at me, my emotions shifting rapidly between terror and anger. I wanted to hurl my guts out and cry, and at the same time I wanted nothing more than to damage him, to slap the grin that was surely glued to his face at this very moment. I yearned to wipe the repugnant smirk off of his face, my fists ached to make contact with his nose, to break it.

You want me to thank you for doing this to me! You want me to thank you for allowing me to breathe! You sick perverted fuck! I wanted to scream the words at him, to smash my bound fist right into his face, but darkness and fear pushed me down, bound my anger just like the pillowcase bound my wrists.

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