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Paige's POV

Our flight boards at 2:15 so we have about 10 minutes. Everyone is at the gate and we all are just waiting to board. Its kind of awkward now. Its almost like people are on 2 sides. Jacks and Matts.

Some are on Matts side and think that Jack shouldve waited to make a "move" on me, and the rest think Matt was being a dick.

But its not like people hate the fact me and Jjack are a thing like there happy for us but dont think it was the right time.
Hopefully in Texas things will get better.

"Zone 1 is now allowed to board flight 7461 to Austin Texas" The man at the desk says over the microphone.

We all grab our stuff and walk over to the desk. One by one we hand the man our tickets and board the plane.

The seats are rows of two on both sides so we each have a partner. Jack and I have seats next to eachother and to the right of us is Matt and Jacob.
Jack claims the window seat, so does jacob, so me and Matt are stuck in the aisle.

Jack moves the armrest so i can put my head on his lap. Every now and then i see Matt glancing our way. I feel bad i mean i guess Matt might still like me. I mean we did find out that Austin got him drunk and a little drugged up. i forgave him for that. but now he got drunk again and brought home a girl. I dont know if i can forgive him for that.

I shake Matt out of my mind and reajust my head on Jacks lap.
A piece of hair fall onto my face and Jack pushes it away with his finger.

I hear Matt huff and move around in his seat.

"Attention all passengers we will be taking off soon. Please be seated and buckle ypur seatbelts"

And with that i close my eyes and fall asleep to the touch of Jacks fingers through my hair.


Heyyy. This is just a quick little somethin somethin. Im on vacation and will try to write something longer tomorrow.


and guys 5k+ reads?!?! I LOVE YOU!!

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