Chapter 9

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Candy POV

It was very painful when I officially divorced Richie. I decided to stay in the apartment and stay away from Richie.

Suddenly I felt nauseous and ran towards the sink. It was a great relief when I vomited my insides.

I heard my cell phone beep and I picked it up

"Candy, where are you?"

"I'm in the apartment"

"Candy, are you all right?"

" Yes im fine"

"I'm heading for your apartment. You're waiting for me there"

" OK"

I'm glad Laura came to my apartment. I feel like I need a friend to share.

"Candy, you look pale. Are you sick?"

"I was sick"

"We should check your condition to the doctor"

Eventually Laura drove me to the hospital. After the doctor checked my condition, the doctor told me about my true condition.

"Congratulations, soon you will be a mother"

I was very surprised to find out I was pregnant. So was Laura surprised to hear of my pregnancy.

"Better keep your health. Do not get tired"

"Thank you doctor"

After the hospital, Laura took me to lunch.

"Candy, are you going to tell Richie about your pregnancy?"

"I will not tell him"

"Why are you like that? Is not Richie entitled to know about your pregnancy"

"I do not think he'll care because he did not love me at the first."

"You know better what is best for you"

"Thank you for being my best friend"

"Whenever you need me, contact me directly"

I am grateful to have a good friend like Laura.


Richie POV

I can not seem to stop thinking about Candy. I feel guilty for divorcing her. I decided to go to her apartment.

Upon arriving at her apartment, I met her. Candy looked surprised by my arrival.

"What are you doing here? Not that we have nothing to do"

"I'm here to see you"

"I do not need your attention! You better get out of here!"

It feels like my heart is pounding when Candy tells me to leave.

"Well if that's what you want .. Sorry if I bother you"

Eventually I left Candy's apartment. I know if Candy really hates me because I divorced her for no apparent reason.

If she knew why I divorced her, maybe her attitude would be different to me.


Carl POV

I'm so glad to hear Candy is officially divorced with Richie. I can not wait to make Candy my wife.

Today I decided to go to Candy's apartment. When I got there, Candy looked pale and I was very worried about her.

"Carl! Why are you here ?!"

"I'm here to see you. Why do you look pale? Are you sick?"

"I'm fine, you better go home, I want to rest"

"Are you sure you do not want me to accompany you?"

"No thanks for your offer but I'm not interested. I take a break first"

Candy closed the door and I was very upset with her. She never let me get close to her.

But I never despair to get it. I'll keep trying until Candy falls in my arms.


Maria POV

Since Richie has divorced Candy, our relationship has grown more intimate. I love to be near Richie.

He's one of the nicest men I've ever met. I wish our relationship could be more than just an ordinary friend because I wish Richie could love me the way he used to

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