(2) An Old Friend

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      The two armies immediately clashed. At first they were surprised to see us, then charged into battle. I soon found myself lost amidst the clashing armies, the ones fighting for Velgar wore black armor and dark cloaks, the one for my father wore silver armor and either blue or purple cloaks. Felgar slashed and tore the Durzas apart, they screamed in pain as Felgar teared them to shreds followed by a bolt of lightning shot at them from Felgar’s tip of they were disintegrated to dust by a wave of lightning that crackled around the blade.

I needed to straight to Tesulan, which was actually a bit easier to find him than a thought. A large dragon flew into the air, breathing fire upon the Calaranian soldiers and allies of the dragon alike, burning all who stood in the way of the intense flames to a crisp, occasionally the dragon flew down to terrorize the unlucky foes, crunching them up in it’s large jaw, slashing them and biting, knocking them to their knees with a single beat from it’s wings. It was too far to see the details of that beast but I knew I had to head there for Tesulan rode on the dragon.  

 Many arrows were aimed at the two creatures and riders in the sky. Arrows aimed at my father, at Tesulan, at Galdrin and the red dragon. I hoped the griffon and the riders were all right. Unfortunately I realized Tesulan’s army wasn’t full of just Durzas, it had an entire herd of Kulnars driving at enemies, untamed and vicious resthrav leaping at soldiers and tearing them apart, werewolves, trolls, a couple of Cyclops, twenty Neromir more or less, and other beasts.

     Which means I have to give it all I’ve got! It’s now or never, this war is mine! For my homeland, for my kingdom, for Tesulan!

 I yelled and spun around slashing at Durzas at a rage, a Kulnar snorted and charged at me, with every strength in my body I leapt over the huge beast, i barely managed to grasp at the beast's horn and pull myself up. He growled viciously and tried to shake my off, I thrust my palm at it’s face and roared, “Bresgr!”

A wave of flame exploded at the Kulnar’s face he let loose a piercing scream before disintegrating to ash, his bones to dust. I gripped Felgar harder and slashed and swiped at the remaining  foes around me, They raised to shields to deflect my blow and charged. But every bit of mercy was gone from me, so I delivered blow after blow until they succumbed, Felgar’s lightning delivering the last strike.

 “Felgar,” I murmured, “Let me draw upon your power! Cleave your foes and mine in half!”

    Felgar responded to my call by letting loose a large wave of electricity stunning every Durza in my way, a second later they crumpled to the floor.

 I ran and hacked my way through another maze of foes, I ran into a Durza who actually posed a threat. He swiped his sword at me, but I ducked to a roll, I feinted a blow to his shoulders, the oaf fell for it and i delivered a crushing blow to it’s head. The blade cut through steel, skin, and bone faster than I thought. The Durza groaned and fell to the floor.

  The only wound I got besides a few bruises and small cuts was an arrow that landed into my shoulder, inches from my neck, I thanked my armor for saving me from extreme pain, however the arrow still caused pain. My left soon turned numb and I feared taking the arrow out as I may draw more blood.

   During a fight I risked a glance at the sky, Galdrin teared foes apart, it’s huge claws like knives working efficiently and quickly. The griffon had kind eyes, full of intelligence and fury. His beak glimmered golden in the sunshine, it’s gray feathers seemed silver and pure in the moonlight, half of it’s body resembled a falcon’s the other half was made of lion, the thick brown fur was rippled with muscles as large as a Kulnar’s, it’s massive wings covered with silver armor from the tip to the end acted as a shield from arrows and blade. As spears were tossed at the mighty griffon, the intelligent bird used it’s wings to protect against the assault the threats bouncing off it’s armor then it continued its assault. My father worked like a demon, his sword a flash of lightning crumpling foes to the ground and slicing them to shreds then tiny tears. Little can stand chance against their combined teamwork.

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