(1) The Start of a War

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     I  walked down the halls of my kingdom, the lights flickered on with each step I took. My mind was somewhere else besides the fact I was going to wrong way. Tesulan . . so that’s what you meant by we’re going to meet soon.

 Tesulan was my best friend, but he was kidnapped by King Velgar and forced to do as Velgar wishes. In short, he feels I betrayed him and he and his army are going to invade my home, Calarant in a few days. The good news, my father estimated we have more than enough men to defeat their army, the only worry it might a diversion. Despite my father’s and everyone else’s protests in this kingdom and city of Calarant’s they refused to let my fight Tesulan alone.

 Only one person besides me understood why Tesulan truly loathed me. And that was Almar, another friend of mine and now royal bodyguard. Thankfully he wasn’t following me or stalking me yet, only because I managed to confuse him with the castle’s complicated turns.

 “Hey, Pen,” said a voice, and I turned.

 A boy with messy jet-black hair ran towards me, he wore silk clothing and had a bow strapped to his chest, on his back he had a quiver full of feathered and sharp arrows, on his belt hung a knife. He wore typical combat boots and had a grin on his face. His green eyes stared at me, which made me think of Tesulan’s eyes, they had same green shade as his.

“What is it, Orion,” I said, “Where’s Marcus?”

“Oh, pft! Him, he’s probably nosing through a thousand scrolls in the library again,” Orion rolled his eyes, “he’s a nerd and bookworm, I told him he should fight some more, but he said wisdom is better than violence! Why does he have to be-”

Orion continued ranting, but I ignored him. Orion was one of my old friends before I disappeared and it all started, Marcus was his older brother, Marcus was more of the timid, intelligent, and scrawny person. Orion, wasn’t that great of a close combat fighter but he’s an amazing archer, too talkative and a little younger than me.

 “. . . . Anyways,” Orion finished, “The war is about to happen. Marcus told me after the celebration ceremony and feast for Your Highness’s return to our noble estate and blah,blah, blah. Guess who showed up?”

 “Who,” I mocked interest.

“Barlistan,” Orion sneered, “out of all the people who should've survived Bathenian’s downfall it’s his hideous hide-”  

 “Barlistan,” I raised my eyebrows, “Now that you mention it, I. . . I met him in Bathenian back then. . . he- he looked shocked to see me, did he know who was and he still did nothing?”

 “Holy Astrania,” Orion’s jaw dropped, “if your right your dad can kick him out of this castle for good!”

“Whatever,” I said dully and turned to leave, “I can look into it later, it doesn’t matter much now. What’s my real concern is this war.”

 “But you can’t fight in it,” Orion said, “Your dad, your mom, the chancellor, your tutors, the regents, everybody in this damn castle - no offense - forbid it!”

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