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hi serpent family!

okay first of all thanks for 1k and counting reads on HOOLIGANS, i had no idea this would skyrocket as fast as it did! your reads, votes, and comments mean the world to me, i love you all more than anything!

secondly, fallon and the gang's story does NOT end here, their story will continue as season 3 of riverdale is revealed, i'll be posting a sequel to HOOLIGANS as soon as the 3rd season airs.

third off, i have three questions for you!
1. should i introduce a new oc, maybe as a potential love interest for fangs?
2. which original character(s) should i consider killing off (sorry i'm evil)? dray? fallon?
3. do you like the longer chapters with less of them or should i write shorter but with more?

i probably will be doing cute little bonus chapters and backstories as we wait for s3, so please keep coming back and checking HOOLIGANS for updates. i love you all!

in unity, there is strength.

~ sinatra røse🐍

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