Synopsis of Book 1

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      Pentus a fifteen year old teenager wakes up on the shore near the village of Nesthen, with a throbbing headache he walks through the shore and heads toward the village. Except he remembers nothing of his past when the elder of the village questions him. To determine whether he is perfect and able to join the village as a soldier, they test him by battling him Trallis an amaetur guard but are surprised by the result. They are surprised to find Pentus defeat him in a few seconds. Then decide to have him face Slay, their best soldier. And consider him a monster when he defeats Slay as well, almost killing him by turning into a monster. They frightened villagers beat him and toss him in jail.

 Pentus searching for ways to escape, finds out they plan to sell him to the Dark King, an evil King who rules Astrania and destroys those who opposes him. But first they must find out the full extent of his power so they call upon Lethom a soldier working for the King, a friend of Slay. Forced to fight, Pentus manages to defeat Lethom. Lethom, shocked returns to the King to tell him the news. At night, Pentus manages to escape, where he manages to slip by the elder Elron, with his newfound power of turning invisible. As he reaches the shore Elron finds him and they see the approaching battleship from the King headed their way. They villagers lose confidence and Pentus convinces them to fight, so as they climb the battleship and fight Pentus defeats the captain of the ship but still doesn’t have the heart to kill, so Lethom kills him. That night Pentus is introduced to Luran, a soldier from a country the King burned and killed of it’s residents, Luran was the only survivor and fled, he later joined Vazguerd a group of rebellious fighters who oppose the King and set out on destroying them, but on one of his guests he got captured by the battleship and was held prisoner. And Pentus met Tesulan, a teenager of the same age as him, and looked almost exactly like him despite a few minor differences, when he was young his father disappeared and he set out to find him, but couldn’t when he returned home he found his mother dead from worry and distraught her son ran away and her husband disappeared, he was tossed into the battleship when he stole a document from the King. The two quickly formed a friendship, and as it appeared had the same appetite at the feast that was held in celebration of their victory yet in loss of the burning of their village.

  The next morning that followed, it seems they hit land, and Lethom appears wounded and tells them of Kulnars - creatures similar to the mythical Minotaur - rampaging through a town called Ralufia. Luran, Tesulan, and Pentus go to investigate despite Lethom’s warnings. They are beaten by the powerful Kulnars and when they awaken they are bound and find out they are going to be presented to the Dark King due to Pentus having strong darkness inside him that the Kulnar sensed, Pentus gts a flashback where he remembers his name. They escape to find themselves in Ralufia Colosseum, where Tesulan teaches Pentus what it means to kill someone referring it as survival. Pentus challenges the Kevlar realizing they were too strong together for them, to a match of strength. Pentus wrestles with the Kevlar and barely manages to win. With his victory in hand, the Kulnars have no choice but  let them go. As they leave Ralufia they find the ship leaving, and eventually decide to travel to Bathenian a city not under the control of the Dark King and not far from Ralufia. As they head there, they meet a kind blacksmith named Farumer who decides to fix Tesulan’s sword if they move some cargo to the duke of Bathenian’s mansion, Duke Barlistan is shocked to see Pentus for some reason and quickly gives Tesulan the money to pay Farumer. As thanks Farumer also gifts them with other items. They decide to stay in Bathenian for a while, a soldier patrolling Bathenian recognizes Luran as the Commander of Vazguerd and Luran is forced to fight and fend off an army of the Dark King’s from invading Bathenian so he warns Pentus and Tesulan to escape now. As they escape they run into warriors from the Dark King, during the fight Tesulan gets wounded, but Tesulan stubbornly refuses to get his wound treated, so Pentus is forced to knock Tesulan out and drag him back to Bathenian. There Pentus seeked the aid of a herbalist named Hetur. Hetur helps Tesulan, but as soon as Tesulan recovers they hear the innkeeper’s scream and find out it’s too late. Bathenian burning to the ground while the warriors ambush the city, they find Farumer getting murdered by none other than, Lord Desirath.

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