Two Of A Kind

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"Hey." I smiled at my two best friends as I sat down with them at our normal lunch table. "What was that in Sorren yesterday?" Emma shot me her hazel eyes while Jess looked down at her plate with her brown optics. "What was what?" I knew what she was talking about. "Your whole deal with your Mom or whatever." She explained. "I don't have a Mom, Em." I corrected. "Well, whatever Mommy issues you have, it was embarrassing." The dirty blonde with freckles noted. "You need to have a Mom to have Mommy issues, Emma. I don't have a Mom." I pointed out sharply. "Why did you lie to us then?" She mentioned. "It's easier for everybody and for me to lie about not having a Mom." I replied and undid the saran wrap on my chocolate chip muffin. "Do you know how many calories are in that?" Jess piped up. "Did you know I'll be on the cover of People magazine?" I changed the subject. "The camera adds ten pounds, Roxie." Emma chimed and took a bite of her Caeser salad. "Really!?" I dropped my muffin onto the table. "What the fuck is wrong with the both you!?" I spoke up. "Damn, Rox. Don't be so sensitive." Jess rolled her eyes. Suddenly, a bump and crashing sound happened against my chair. I looked over my shoulder to see what had happened and focused on the girl with her face in her food. "Watch where you're going, whore!" Jess snapped at the girl on the ground. "Don't you know who this is!?" Emma spat. "Oh my God, are you alright?" I got up to help the girl off the floor. "Roxie, don't help her! She's a whore!" Jess piped at me. I shot her a hard look and rushed the poor girl into the bathroom to clean her off.

I picked gummy bears out from her rexlaxed hair. "You didn't do anything wrong, by the way." I noted and tossed the pieces of candy into the trash can. "These things happen." I added kindly. "Why are you friends with Emma and Jess if they're so mean?" She asked. "Emma and Jess are nice once you get to know them. They're harmless, trust me." I lied. "I heard what they were saying to you about that muffin," She added. "They were just looking out for me, I'm sure." I replied casually and finished with her treated hair. "They were bullying you." She corrected. "You shouldn't listen to them." She continued. "And what would you know about Emma and Jess?" I pointed. "I was friends with them in middle school." The girl turned to the mirror and wiped off any remence of food from her cropped open cable knit sweater and purple tank top. "I got my first kiss at sleep away camp the summer into eighth grade." She explained. "When I told them what happened, they labeled me as a whore and it stuck because I had gotten kissed before they did." She shrugged. "I'm so sorry." I smoothed. "You're Roxie Jonas, right? Nick Jonas's daughter?" She finally asked about my identity. "In the flesh." I gestured to myself loosely. "I'm True. True Jackson." She extended her palm to me for a friendly shake. I took True's hand and shook it gently. "Roxie Jonas." I giggled. "We have English together." True mentioned and threw her hair up into a ponytail. "We do?" My face had a question mark carved into it. "I sit behind you." She nodded. "Sorren really grilled you yesterday." She added. "Please do not mention yesterday. I don't wanna recollect it." I shut my eyes and balled my fists. "Oh, it's cool. My Dad left when I was eight." True commented. "Anyway, Emma and Jess are probably waiting for me." I pointed to the bathroom door. "Hey Roxie," True stopped me as I got to the push door. "Yeah?" I turned. "Thanks for your help." She thanked me. "No problem." I nodded and left to get back to my lunch table.

Emma and Jess shot me shady glances as I sat down. "What'd I miss?" I asked with a slight grin. "You didn't get the clap, did you?" Emma sneered. "Emma, c'mon. True is nice." I retorted lowly. "Ya know what, Rox? she's beneath you. You are a Jonas. You're better than that peasant whore." She added. "Emma, stop it!" I gritted. "Yeah, Rox. You're better than everybody." Jess agreed. I inhaled and exhaled. "So this means I'm better than you, huh?" I snapped. "I'm a Jonas and you guys aren't, so you must be peasants as well, right?" I shot them a killer smile. "That's not what we meant, Roxie." Emma tried to back-track her statement. "But that's what you said." I spat. "But sometimes what we say isn't always what we mean." She explained as if I was suppossed to catch on and agree with her. "Then why'd you say it if you didn't mean it?" I crossed my arms and sat back in my chair. "We're besties, Roxie. We always say stupid shit we never actually mean." She smiled. "I was going to invite you to my People magazine shoot next week because we're besties, but I think it's best you don't come at all." I leaned my elbows onto the table and laced my bright lilac fingers together. "You were?" Jess chimed as if she was close to winning the lottery. "I was." I scanned her up and down. "But you guys aren't Jonases, so you're apparently beneath me." I mocked them. Lunch ended and I grabbed my things and shook my head at them. I couldn't believe them.

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