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Destiny (Zayn Malik Fanfiction)

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This is my first ever Fanfic! It wont be anything graphic; PG-13 i guess. I had a bit of a hard time writing it, so it may not be the best. Thanks for reading it and i really hope you enjoy it! :)

Chapter 1

Zayns Pov

"Hey lads, i'll catch you later. Im going to head back to the hotel" I said and walked out of the studio. It was a nice sunny day, which is rather rare in London. I decided to pick up something to eat before going back to the hotel. I put on my sunglasses, knowing they wouldnt do much to disguise me, and headed down the street. I let my mind wander as i watched the people across the street sitting outside all of the little shops. Two people in particular caught my eye and i stopped to watch them. It was a young couple around my age, sharing an ice cream. They looked so in love. I felt a twinge of sadness and wondered why I couldnt be happy like that too. Getting girls to like me wasnt the problem; I had millions of screaming girls who would die to date me. The problem was finding a girl that I liked. I just hadnt found the right girl yet. I sighed and walked into the little sandwich place on the corner. As I finished ordering my sandwich, my phone rang. "Hazza" the screen read. I clicked 'answer' and told Harry to hold on as i took my food from the guy behind the counter. "Yeah Harry?" I asked. "Zayn, the lads and I wanted to know if you were eating lunch with us?" "Actually Harry" I said opening the door "I just got-BAM!- what the heck?" I peer around the door and see a girl lying there, rubbing her head. "Zayn? ZAYN!?" "Oh um, ill call you back" I hang up and look at the girl. I cant help but notice how unbelievably gorgeous she is. I try to look away, but i just cant. This girl had me mesmerized. She had wavy blond hair and beautiful green eyes. She was wearing a light-blue V-neck and jean shorts with white Toms. Right away i knew this girl had me. She was the one, and i could feel it. I guess i must have been staring and didnt hear what she said the first time, because she was now snaping her fingers at me. "Huh?" I said. "Hello? Are you some kind of idiot? You hit me with a door! Geez, whats your issue?" she said angirly. "Sorry" I apologized "I wasnt paying attention" "Obviously" She snapped. Ouch. This girl had sass. But i liked it. It made her even more attractive. "Im really sorry" I apologized again and offered her my hand. She looked at me, rolled her eyes, and got up herself. Alright then. "Im Zayn" I said smiling. "And im this close to caring" she replied. Okay, that hurt. Is this girl possibly related to Lou? And how could she not care who i was? "But im Zayn. Zayn Malik?" I said waiting for her to realize who i was. "Umm, cool?" She said looking like she could care a less. "From One Direction?" I tried. Had she really not heard of me? "Look, I dont care what garage band your in, okay?" She said rubbing her forehead again. Garage band? What? Had she really not heard of me OR my band? "Well, im leaving. Bye." she said walking away. "What an idiot" I heard her mumble. "But wait! Cant i get your name?" I yelled but she was already to far away. I watched her retreating figure and knew that, even with all of her sass, she was the girl i needed. And somehow, someway, I would see her again.

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