Chapter 5

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Hayden POV

It was the next day and all over the magazines were over "Hayden Chase and her masked Prince Charming" I was in my Dad's office trying to get him to listen to the CD from last night

"Dad, if you could just please" I begged him but he cot me off

"I don't have time Fay Train is thinking about signing with another label I have to meet with him" Dad told me as I tried to protest

"But this is the Rags guy from the party last night" I tried to tell him

"Hades, i am the guy that's always looking
for the next best thing But clearly Rags isn't ready for the big time or else he wouldn't ran out like he did Besides, i'm more concern about you Irma tells me you've been missing meetings" Dad told me as I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms

"Irma needs to mind her own business You're changing the subject Rags is amazing, and if you give him a chance you can see he has a lot to offer" I told him trying to give him the CD

"Hayden , i don't want to talk about Rags anymore We're about to launch the biggest record of your carrer, and you're getting distracted" Dad told me as I looked at him

"And you're not listening" I yelled at him pouting

"It's my job to make sure my daughter's head
is on straight" he told me fixing my head to make it straight

"Your job as my dad or chairman of Majesty Records?" I asked him as he looked at me

"We'll talk about this when i get back" he told me as he left and I walked to a restaurant and saw Charlie waiting tables

"Hey you!" I told him walking in as I heard a guy singing

"Hey, Hades What are you doing here?" He asked me as I walked to him

"Where were you last night?" I asked him

"Caught a cold, stayed home, watched a movie" he told me as he faked a cough as I looked at him in disbelief

"Really? What did you watch?" I asked him crossing my arms smirking

"Can't remember the name Reese Whiterspoon was in it though Cried my eyes out" he told me as I nodded slowly

"Right" I told him as he finally caved

"You're right when you said you weren't a good liar" I told him as he laughed

"Helps to practice, though" he told me as I laughed

"Anyway, you totally missed out I wore what I wanted to instead of what my dad wanted me to" I told him

"I know, i wanted to hear you sing and see what you were wearing" he told me as I laughed

No, not me! This Rags guy perform,
he killed it! He even wrote a song for me it was beautiful" I told him as he perked up

"This guy Rags killed it?" He asked me as I nodded

"The dude can sing And he's not too bad at the kissing stuff either" I told him as he looked surprised

"He kissed you?" He asked me as I giggled

"Just laid one on me, no time to react. Really There was nothing i could do" I told him laughing

"So why did you come here today?" He told me as I sat down pulling out the CD from last night

"I was hoping you'd be able to help me. Rags left a CD No contact info, no nothing But what he did have was a track of the song he performed last night And this The song is great That song someday is gonna lead me straight to Rags" I told him as he sat down with me

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