79 You Chose To Leave Me

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"Jimin is everything alright??" I didn't stop asking him since that phone call.

"Get inside. I'll just talk to dad" He parked the car and I got down. He followed me to the doorstep but he stayed there. He took out his phone and contacted his father.

"Dad, please tell me more. What happened?" I heard him say before I closed the door. I wanted to eavesdrop, but I know that's not right so I went to the bathroom to take a shower.

I dried my hair with a towel and I combed it. When I am all clean and fragrant, I get back down to the first floor to see Jimin entering the door. He has his head down and his steps are slow. I hurried over to him and called his name.


He looked at me. His eyes are all red, he seems about to cry. My heart beats fast and the first thing I think of is to comfort my husband.

"Baby.." I held both of his shoulders and he put his weight on me. I hear him sobbing next to my ear. I patted his back  again and again.

"Please tell me. What's wrong?" I asked again.

He stood up straight and wiped his tears. I looked deeply into his red eyes.

"Sara.." My heart hurts. Why?

"Our business is.." He sobs.

"....getting bankrupt" WHAT??!!

My eyes widened and I stood stiff. I tried to process that thing he said to my brain, but I somehow felt blank. I felt numb. I felt what he felt. It hurts.

I covered my mouth with one hand and I averted my gaze. I turned around and breathed heavily. I closed my eyes, avoiding to tear up.

"How are we going to fix this?" I said with a low voice because I know when I speak louder, these tears will come rolling down my cheeks.

"I....I have to choose between my careers"

I turned to him and intensely looked into his eyes. Choose careers? What—

"What do you mean??" I asked abruptly.

"I have to leave my medicine career to help my family's—"

"Leave me?"

"No baby, you misunderstood it." He tried to hold me but I backed away. Now, the tears that I tried to hold, released and I was a crying mess.

"You can come with me—"

"I have a job here, Jimin!" I yelled at him. I couldn't contain my temper.

"Then...oh gosh this is hard!" He pulled his hair up to its roots and he was also a crying mess.

I stayed there in front of him, crying and all red.

"I-I have to choose, Sara" He said calmy, slowly walking towards the couch.

I crossed my arms and followed him behind.

"Look, I know I support you and as much as possible I want to help you, but this situation might break us apart, Jimin" I said honestly.

What I am saying is true. He will stay in our hometown for who knows how long. It takes long hours of car ride to travel from our hometown to where we live now and the idea of Jimin doing that everyday makes me go insane. I care for him. His profession as a doctor shouldn't also be taken as a minor job. I need him here with me.

He put his hands on his head and raised it to look at me. His eyes are sad and full of tears. I want to hug him at the moment, but my body won't let me.

"But I have to help my family" He said pleading. I don't want to sound selfish, ok? I just need him with me. We are a family now. Who will take care of me besides myself when he's not here.

I sighed and answered him, "I accept if you could go back here every night" That's the least he can do for me.

Silence filled the living room. Only our sniffs can be heard.

He stood up and once again looked into my eyes deeply.

"There's one more thing" He spoke. I stayed silent and waited for him to continue his words.

"I will be staying there for a year" What the frk did I just hear?! ONE YEAR?!

"WHAT?!" I shouted and stepped back. Shock is clearly seen on my face right now.

"You can be the one who'll go to our hometown every night. You have a car."

"I have work, Jimin. What are you talking about?! I will not abandon my job!!" I grew furious. Does he even know what he's tellinng me?!

"I never said to abandon your profession" He answered back. He took a step forward and tried to touch my cheek, but I doged. I couldn't look into his eyes. My head started to hurt and I ran to our room. I left him there alone, crying.

This is all mixed up and all crazy crap. I balled myself on our room and cried. I let out my frustrations. The room was silent except for my sobs and heavy crying.

As I calmed down, I heard the door open. I slowly raised my head up but still trying to hide on the corner of the bed. It was getting dark and the room was becoming gray. I can see Jimin tiredly walking towards.....

....the closet.

He opened it and took out a few of his clothes. I let out an audible sniff. I'm pretty sure he heard it, but he didn't face me. I watch him as he take a suitcase and stuffed his things in there.

He's really choosing to leave me. He chose that risk. He chose so quickly.

I heard him sigh and he turned around to see me. We were looking at each other. He scoffed and turned to the door.

"Jimin...." I whispered when he was about to exit our room.

He turned around and quickly sprinted on his way to me. He crawled on the bed and hugged me tight. More of my tears fell and my breath hitched. I can feel him shaking with intense feelings.

"I love you" He whispered to my ear before landing a kiss on my forehead and leaving.

He left me.

The neighbourhood was quiet. I stayed on out room silently sniffing.

I head the car engine go on and the wheels moving. The fading sound of his car sent shivers on my back.

I'm now all alone.


Sup guys? Hope you like this heart shattering chapter. Sorry for making you sad. 😊❤️

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