Chapter 4

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The next day I woke up, cuddling the same red head I fell asleep with. I was on top off him laying on his chest, listening to the silence of his heartbeat. He was staring up at the ceiling in thought, with his arm around my waist. Then my mom barged in...

"(Y,n), Kid, wake up its time for sch- Oh, your already awake? Did my little girl become a woman?!?!"

"Mom!!! No I didn't!! Get out!"

Kid just laughed, I looked up at him. It was a complete turn around from last night, he was actually happy now.

My mom left, I got my clothes and went to the bathroom to change.

This change in me made me wanna feel sexy for a change. Its like I've turned into a whole different person. So I got my clothes on and went to see Kid in my room. Turns out he was getting dressed to, I saw everything but I couldn't look away. I was mesmerized, by the size and how sexy he was naked. He noticed and just smirked, walking closer to me, still naked.

"Do you like what you see?"

"Holy shit."

He pinned me to the door with his size, and whispered in my ear.

"I told you I was big."

"Massive would be a better word."

He leaned down and roughly kissed me, sliding his tongue in, and claiming his taritory. My hands slid up into his hair, as he raised my waist up high. I locked my legs around his waist feeling him harden through my short shorts, I moaned at the feeling.

"You feel that? That's what you alone do to me. "

He burried his face in my neck biting, sucking, kissing, leaving his mark. Slowly going down further, he got right above my breast about to take off my shirt... Then my mom tried to open the door, but she couldn't cuz I was pinned to it.

"Are you getting ready? The doors stuck."


Kid laughed and set me down. You know my eyes have changed colors plenty of times for him but I haven't seen his change once. I wonder why?

Kid finished getting dressed and we went to the kitchen to eat breakfast with mom.

"(Y,n)? What's on your neck." She asked.

I stiffed, putting my hand on my neck.

"Its nothing don't worry about it."

"Alright, if you say so."

I sat down beside Kid and started to eat my eggs. Once done I grabbed Kids hand and ran out the door, past Law's house, and straight to school. I stopped to take a breath when I saw the school gates.

"Why the hurry?

"I would prefer not to have an interrogation this morning."

Walking into school I still hadn't let go of Kid's hand. I was getting a lot of stares from jealous girls who were angry at me, and guys staring at my tiny body in these sexy clothes. Kid glared at the men who looked at me inappropriately. When we got to class Law was sitting down in his seat, he saw me and he went wide eyed, then class started.

After class we had free time, every guy in school was still staring at me with lust in there eyes. Kid got pissed, he wanted to yell at everyone, but he kept control.... For a few seconds. As soon as one of the guys whistled at me, he was done. He pulled me close to him and smashed his lips on mine. All the guys backed off real quick, Kid was a very large man, they most likely got scared. Kid and I were still kissing, my hands running through his hair, his hands on my hips, it was absolute bliss. People started to whisper, I didn't care, I was lost in the kiss. The bell rang to go back to class, but we were still latched to each other. Kid pushed me into the faculty closet again, he pinned me to the wall. Going down to my neck he licked, sucked, and bit at it, leaving even more marks. My hands were gripping his hair, pushing him closer when he bit a certain spot. I moaned, this causing him to be rougher. he gabbed my breast, I gasped then moaned again.

"Kid, more." I breathed.

He tore his shirt away, I ran my hands down his abs, leaving goosebumps everywhere I touched. He lifted me up, wrapping my legs around his waist, grinding his covered cock on my groin.

"H-holy shit." I moaned.

He started to take my shirt off, but I stopped him.

"I cant do this."

"Why not."

"I planned on saving myself for the man who truly loves me, and I don't think you love me, I think you just want me. This isn't exactly the most romantic place either. I honestly don't know what would happen to me if we had sex anyways, I would either be in a shit ton of pain, or I would be ripped in half, I'm sorry."

He growled, put his shirt back on, then left, leaving me alone in that closet.

I left school early after that. I just wanted to go back home, sit on the couch, and watch romance movies with a tub of cookies'n cream ice cream in my lap. Karma decided to be a bitch though, when I passed one of the alleyways I was pulled into it with a hand over my mouth. I tried to scream, only for it to be in vain.

"Shut up demon slut." The man said.

Oh shit.....

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