Chapter 6

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"Please stop crying, I'm here." Christina said as she held Ava in her arms, rocking her steadily back and forth on Ava's bed. "You can come stay with me if you want?"

Nothing Christina said would calm her down.

There were no words to describe Ava's heart. She was torn. Her grandmother was her world, the only person she had besides Christina. She was at lowest point in her life.

"I can't take this Christina!" Ava sobbed clutching onto her chest to control her breathing. She's never felt this pain, even when her father died. The pain is much worse since Sam was the only real family she had left in NY. All her other family lived in Florida, and Peru.

"This really hurts," her tears were hot running down her red face.

After she heard the news about her grandmother, Christina took her to the hospital to see her. She couldn't stay long because she was crying so bad and couldn't control her self. Throwing things around, begging for Sam to come back, fighting security because they wouldn't let her into the room. They had to escort her out.

Even though Ava knew it wasn't her fault, she couldn't help but blame herself. She thought that maybe if she stayed home, none of this would of happened in the first place. Of course it did and now she had to deal with the consequence.

She knew that Sam was going to die soon, but she just wanted to be there and make sure she went home the right way. The fact that she was no where around when she passed broke her to the core. Right now, Ava was wishing that Blue would of never saved her so she could be dead too.

"Ava, you know I gotchu boo. I know that you are sad right now but I need you to pack your stuff so you can come stay with me. My momma said you can come," Christina knew what Ava was going through because she also lost her grandmother. Being there for her friend was her main focus at the moment.

Christina didn't have it good either. She lived in a two bed room house with her mom, Meghan and her boyfriend that was an alcoholic. It probably wasn't enough for Ava, but she was gone damn sure make it work.

"I'll do it," Christina sighed getting up from Ava's bed and going over to her closet. She began packing over night cloths her while Ava just stayed there crying in her hands.

It was eight o clock at night and Ava's been crying every since nine o clock in the morning.

"It just like— nothing I do is ever good. Something bad is always happening to me and I don't do nothing to make my life like this, all I want is peace," Ava sniffed.

"You'll have peace baby. Just be patient—"

"I am ti-red of having patience," her voice cracked, "my life is just so fucked and that's how it's gone be till I die, period."

Christina shook her head at Ava's nonsense. She knew that she was just in her feelings and didn't mean nothing she was saying.

"Nobody understands me, not even you." Ava wiped her eyes and got up from her bed. She went to the bathroom down the hall and slammed the door after her.

Running her hand over her face, she looked in the mirror and stared. Her big, puffy eyes were still releasing tears and her heart was slowly devouring. The only thing she could think of is the sight of Sam laying dead in a hospital bed. She couldn't believe it.

Damn, what am I going to do?


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