Chapter 16

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September 19th, another day with good weather,

At dawn, the emperor and the ministers headed towards Bei Yan. The citizens in the capital have something to look at again. Ye Zhen Zhen, Xian Concubine, Xi Consort, Wen Jie Yu and Wang Zhao Yi also followed. Besides Ye Zhen Zhen the other woman can ride the horse only, but not able to even pull a bow, they only went to see.

The emperor's big and small wives each has a carriage, and the most luxurious one would be for Ye Zhen Zhen. Inside, Ye Zhen Zhen flipped open the curtain, to take a look outside, initially thinking that she will be able to see how normal citizens live day to day live, the hustle and bustle, but all she could see now was a floor of black hair facing them.

Lu Li passed by while riding a horse, when he turned back to take a look, his eyes matched with Ye Zhen Zhen, he quickly turn his gaze away, only showing his side profile to her. He gave her a slight smile and left.

Ye Zhen Zhen felt down while looking at him leave. As an empress now, he is her subject, the most intimate interactions that they can have would only be smiling from a far, though this would also be considered too much. Once they were studying together, training martial arts together but now, it could never be that way again.

The entourage of people begins travelling, there were a few elder ministers that want to proof that they are still capable of riding horses and refused to sit in carriages. Therefore this entourage could not speed up even if they want to, they only reached Bei Yan in the afternoons.

There was already an organized banquet here, under the emperor's instructions the prepared dishes are brought up, the emperor and the ministers need to first eat and drink before starting to hunt. Ye Zhen Zhen and Ji Wu Jiu sat together on the top, below them at both sides were the rest of the consorts, after that were the ministers. Ye Xiu Ming is a high ranked minister, so it is normal for him to be sitting in front of the other ministers, and Ye Zhen Zhen can see him easily. Looking through the crowd again, she can still manage to find her father, as for her brothers, not sure where they are at..

Although only a glance, she is already happy. The reason why she followed Ji Wu Jiu out is not to hunt, but more to meet her family. After entering the palace, she realized how much she misses them, and how much her family has doted on her. Just not sure when she will be able to meet her mother and grandmother again.

After enough food and drinks, the hunt starts. JI Wu Jiu did not rush to join the hunting group, but he sat at observation deck. Looking at the group of youngsters riding horses, they are all sons of royalty of ministers, all the families future, at this type of occasion they are all trying to compete against one another.

Some soldiers started the hunt by blowing some trumpets, the horses started to move towards the forest leaving a dusty air. Xian Concubine and the rest watched with shocked. The gentle woman, really did not see this type of occasion before.

Ji Wu Jiu brought Xian Concubine down the deck, Feng You De had already prepared two horses and waited for them, one is a red strong horse for Ji Wu Jiu, another is a white horse for Xian Concubine. She was wearing a sky blue outfit, pairing with this horse, she really looked like a fairy, very good to look at.

Ji Wu Jiu admired her for a while. Men, they will never think that their woman is too pretty.

Xian Concubine got embarrassed by his stare "Your Majesty, why are you not riding the horse yet?"

Ji Wu Jiu agreed and ride the horse in a swift movement. Both of them, one white horse, one red horse, they looked very good together, and very eye catching.

Ye Zhen Zhen was looking at them as well, to be more accurate she was looking at a flower on top of her head. In order to ride a horse, Xian Concubine had a simple hair style, and did not have decorations, but only used an ornament to hold down the hair and at the end used a small yellow flower, giving off a very cheerful and cute look. The flower was also chosen very carefully, the name is called "Ling Ling Xiang", another name would be "Xing Tou Xiang", because if you were to wear it on your head, it can get rid of the sweaty smell of the body, used at this type of occasion is very matching, in case Ji Wu Jiu got tired from riding the horse, and want to be intimate......

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