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We were getting ready for the Big Baller Brand pop up shop here in Cancun. The good part about this was that I stayed decked in BBB gear. It's amazing that they have an actual brand.

"Aye get y'all asses in the van, let's go zo!" Lavar yelled.

I followed behind Melo and got in the van. We were getting closer as the days go by.

"Denise, Izzy and Kai are in charge of selling the merch," LaVar said.

We all nodded our heads. It was the family business so I didn't mind helping.

"Aye you officially a lady of BBB," Melo cheesed.

"Unexpectedly," I shrugged.

"We'll finish talking about the wedding when we get back."

"Oh yeaahhh," I smiled.

I hated the fact that I'm getting married, but planning is fun. We got to the venue of the pop up shop and began to unload the stuff. The boys took their places to the front along with their parents.

It was super packed, I was surprised by the turn out. I guess everybody wanna be a big baller.

Since things were extremely busy we took a five minute break. I gazed at the front a bit and watched as the fans got their merch signed. A girl came up to Melo and asked for a picture. She was nearly in his lap and he didn't stop it. How can I trust him in our marriage if he allows things like this to happen?

We weren't really together anyway, I'm just buggin. I came off my break and went to sell merch again.

About six hours later the pop up was finally over. We got back into the van and headed back to the hotel.

Melo tried to talk to me on the way but I kept shrugging him off or giving him one word responses. He eventually just left me alone.

When we arrived to the hotel I opened the room door and sat on my bed. Melo did the same on his.

"What's wrong with you Mekai, and don't say 'nothing'," He mimicked me.

"Nothing is exactly right," I fake smiled.

"Stop playing wifey we got to talk to each other you know."

I thought about what he said and shook my head. It's better to speak up than sweep it under the rug.

"Why did  you leave that girl to be all over your lap?" I asked slightly annoyed.

"Ohhhh that's what this is about," He smirked.

I rolled my eyes and picked up my phone. I felt my phone get taken Away and Melo sat beside me.

"You see I'm an athlete baby, girls are running wild for me. It's not okay that I left her to do that, but I promise it won't happen again alright. At the end of the day I'm coming back to you, even if it's by force," He said then laughed.

I chuckled at his last statement.

"It doesn't even feel like it's force no more. I deadass like you fr now. I think it's power in that white nail polish."

"I like you too."

I let out my feelings for the first time. This marriage life wasn't going to be something easy. Come on, we're basically kids.

Lamelo grabbed my face and stared at it. He leaned in and I did as well.

Boom hoes! At that moment I officially bagged a baller.

I pulled away and he grabbed my face again.

"I wanted to do this along time ago, give me some more time," he chuckled.

I rolled my eyes and pecked his lips.

The journey begins now.

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