Chapter 14

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Ji Wu Jiu met up with the western merchant Matthew at Wu Ying Hall, and did not invite Ye Zhen Zhen, but she put on a thick face and went.

Wu Ying Hall is in the front of the palace, the place where the emperor works, normally woman are not allowed to enter, except for Ye Zhen Zhen.

That is because Da Qi was founded by a female emperor, so the term "woman cannot interfere with court matters" can't really be used. Furthermore this dynasty has a history of formidable empress that helped overlook the court matters.

But if all the ladies from the inner palace also wants to add in their opinions in the court matters, it would be troublesome as well, so someone clever thought of a plan. The empress as the mother of the country, would be allowed to participate in the matters related to the country, and can be considered to help the emperor to relieve some burden, as for the rest of the woman in the inner palace, they should do what they normally do that's all.

So the empress's status in the palace is a bit complicated, she is the head of the inner palace, leading the rest of the other woman, and she can also enter the front palace, and help give advice with matters related to the country with the request of the emperor.

Actually, besides those woman that has a hidden agenda they would not really be interested in the court matters. So all these years the rule of only allowing the empress to enter did not really face any problems from the court ladies.

Today, Ye Zhen Zhen held down her dislike of Ji Wu Jiu and still went to Wu Ying Hall.

Matthew is a tall, ginger haired, blue eyes, pale skin, big built and with an eerie feel surrounding him. These years, following the grow of Da Qi, and opening of the ports allowed many types of merchant to enter. Ji Wu Jiu and Ye Zhen Zhen had so far only heard about them, this would be their first time meeting one.

As a smart merchant, Matthew properly learnt how to greet the emperor according to the rules and regulations. He knew that it is a very rare opportunity, at this mysterious and big eastern country, he is going to be the first European to meet the leader of the country. It seems that he could see shimmering gold ingots on his hand soon, as well as the boot licking that will come from the nobles soon. Normally those people would only be polite when they want something new from him.

Ha! Ha! Ha!

This type of thoughts, it made him happy for just thinking about it.

That was why when Ji Wu Jiu thought Matthew will be the same as the stories he heard about westerners where they are arrogant and does not bow to others was shocked when he actually kneeled down and paid his greetings "Greetings to your majesty, may you live tens of thousands of years"

Ji Wu Jiu "......"

The person kneeling on the floor with the ginger hair, was doing it with the right posture.

"You may stand, sit"

Then, outside came a loud announcement "The empress has arrived" the moment the announcement ended, a woman dressed in the full formal attire entered. Matthew suddenly remembered someone told him "You must not stare at the empress, and you must not kiss her hands! Let's put it this way, if you even touched a corner of her dress, the emperor will definitely cut off your head"

Therefore, even before Matthew can sit down properly he quickly got up, bowed towards the empress and greeted her "Your majesty, may you live a thousand years". His eyes saw her robes and shoes, the intricate and detailed design of them made him can't help but to admire them, agreeing that she is the highest ranked woman in this country.

Ye Zhen Zhen first greeted the emperor, then after only looked at the merchant "Stand up, have a sit and talk"

Ji Wu Jiu did not feel bitter towards Ye Zhen Zhen who came without invitation. Both of them were chatting with Matthew, asking this and that, and he would answer, the atmosphere was quite good.

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