Chapter 12

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9th September, clear skies.

Early in the morning, Ji Wu Jiu lead a group of people and headed towards the 3 main army camp. If anyone woke up early today, they would have seen the emperor. Wearing a gold robe and shoes, riding on a pure white horse, with a treasure sword on his waist.

Although his attire gifts of the royalty feel, but it seems that the citizens like it very much, that's why there was a lot of ladies looked at him with gazes full of admiration, until the people standing next to them pulled their sleeves reminding them to greet the emperor. "Long Live the emperor"

The dragon embroidered robe and armor has long gave out Ji Wu Jiu's identity.

He was in a good mood, even if there was people gawking at him, he did not feel offended. Carefully guiding his horse, in order to avoid any casualties with the citizens. In front opening a path, and guarding at the back was all well trained guards, then there were also some hidden armies around protecting him, that is why even blind people would know his identity, but still he needs to be protected.

Until they finally left the city gates did he flew with his horse towards the destination.

When the emperor was busy meeting the army outside, Ye Zhen Zhen was not shaking her legs in the palace.

Actually, it was the busiest day since she has entered the palace.

Reorganizing the inner palace would be; anyone that will harm Kun Ning Palace, thinking of how to get rid of them; anyone that will hinder her rivals; thinking of how to make them stay; everyone needs to be properly placed and no longer taking any chances.

She has to make sure everyone is well placed so that not all will aim at her only, as well as creating some rumors that there are people that reported the news to the empress so she has no choice to take action, sending Xi Consort's people to Li Concubine and sending people from Li Concubine to Xian Concubine.

Anyway, after this "reorganization" Kun Ning Palace's servants was left with only half, the rest were outside kneeling waiting for the decision of Ye Zhen Zhen, there were all sorts of mistakes and faults that were placed on to them. As the head of the inner palace, Ye Zhen Zhen's place is full of spies from everywhere, this she knew right from the first day she entered this place. Those that were chased out however, she is also not 100% sure that they are spies, but anyone that she suspects even a little, will be best if they were kicked out. There are also some that were brought here from other palaces, all are those that acts snobbishly and creates trouble making people dislike them, therefore a lot of people agreed to her punishing them. This also counts as her pleasing the mass.

Today, would be the biggest palace punishment given in the hundreds of years of the Da Qi Empire.

Outside Kun Ning Palace, a floor full of kneeling servants, the atmosphere was really tense. A lot of people came to watch as well, there was eunuchs as well maid servants and also some concubines and consorts, but not daring to stand to near, afraid of getting the bad luck.

Wang You Cai was holding a list of names checking with the kneeling people there, and when he called their names, the person will reply "I admit my mistake". All of them was kneeling in a very neat formation, almost like the army's formation at the army camp. The last one to be called is Fan Chun, she was kneeling in front of the rest, almost like the leader amongst them.

After all the names have been called out, the punishment starts.

The punishment is separated into 3 stages, 20 hits, 40 hits and 60 hits. (The olden days punishment hitting the back with wooden logs) First the 20 hits, then the 40 hits receivers are made to get ready. Listening to the rest getting hit, those that were watching, some were afraid, looked away and even closed their ears, and was thinking why did they even come here in the first place.

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