After Ye Lei Ting left, the new person he choose was Fang Xiu Qing's brother in law.

That's why Ji Wu Jiu slept very well for the past few days, feeling revitalized. When he saw Ye Xiu Ming, he was able to have small chats with him, and was very happy when he saw Ye Xiu Ming being unhappy.

Back to topic, about the family gathering.

The weather was great, with blue skies. The summer's humidity is gone, the autumn's air surrounding the atmosphere, one of the most comfortable weathers in the year. Initially Ye Zhen Zhen wanted to held the banquet inside Yan Chun Ge, but since the weather was good she got her people to take everything outside to Tai Ye Pond to enjoy the breeze and scenery.

All the ladies from the inner palace payed extra attention to their dressings and appearance, happily greet the emperor with prosperous words. Ji Wu Jiu was in a good mood, and let out a seldom seen smile, making the atmosphere even better.

Autumn is when the chrysanthemums blooms best,  Ye Zhen Zhen ordered people to place them around the banquet, also added some green peony, and many other types of flower varieties. Ji Wu Jiu took a sip of chrysanthemums wine, and happily asked his wives to make poems with flower as a topic. The consorts happily agree, and especially those with high talent. Thinking that in a little while, they would get the attention of the emperor.

Between them, Wang Zhao Yi stood up, looking at the pot of green peony, looking a far in deep thoughts made her look attractive. Wang Zhao Yi entered the palace when she was 13, although Ji Wu Jiu has a wide chest and accepts most types of woman, but towards a child he just couldn't do it, that's why she was only allowed to serve the emperor 2 years later. It was only recently that she was promoted from the fifth grade Mei Ren to forth grade Zhao Yi.  Although she was not as pretty as Li Concubine, but she is very talented in the arts and literature field, so Ji Wu Jiu will occasionally change his taste and dote on this talented girl.

Suddenly with a glimmer in her eyes, it seems that Wang Zhao Yi got something and took the brush to write out the words.

After that, Ji Wu Jiu looked at Ye Zhen Zhen at his side, and only saw her frowning and drawing nonsense on her paper. His mouth curved up a little, showing a smile that was not easily detected.

After an incense stick time, it was time to submit their work. After checking them Ji Wu Jiu decided Wang Zhao Yi wrote the best, and the last person was naturally Ye Zhen Zhen, though luckily what she submitted wasn't the drawings that she was doing earlier. Ye Zhen Zhen was never a talent girl, even when she was at home and her father tried to turn her into one, it didn't work. Ye Zhen Zhen also told her father "As a girl, without talent means she is benevolent" Ye Kang Le couldn't help but laughed, "so everyday ignoring your duty as a lady and playing with swords and guns means that you are benevolent?" Ye Kang Le was frustrated, their family was all into the arts and literature, and never produced any strong generals, but why did this girl turn out to be Mu Lan? Ye Zhen Zhen didn't really bother as she was pampered by Ye Xiu Ming, naturally what she wanted to do, she will, what she didn't want to do, she won't.

Ji Wu Jiu loudly read out Ye Zhen Zhen's work, all the ladies was trying their best to not laugh. He also commented " My Empress's knowledge, on literature I am afraid did not grow after the age of 7"

Ye Zhen Zhen has a thick face, without any change in her expression " It was said that too much literature only brings trouble, it might not necessary be good" thinking a little it sounded like she scolded her own family as well, added "but of course not those that really uses it for the country and people"

This time Li Concubine agrees with Ye Zhen Zhen, because if not for her, she would have been the worst. She hated making poems the most. Looking at Wang Zhao Yi, she could not help but to keep repeating in her heart "bitch.."

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