Chapter 9

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Today is the ninth day of the ninth month, not only today is the Chong Yang Festival, it was also Ji Wu Jiu's birthday, After today, he will turn 20.

Normally for men at the age of 20 they have a coming of age ceremony, but as an Emperor with huge responsibilities, he already had his ceremony a few years back. Therefore this year for his birthday, the celebration is not as grand. During the day, to have a family gathering at the inner palace and at night to celebrate with the minister, that would be all.

The family gathering would of course be organized by Ye Zhen Zhen.

The birthday celebration reminds Ji Wu Jiu of the present he received from Ye Zhen Zhen, it was a own made gun. Ji Wu Jiu also tested it with real gun powder, it was quite nice to use.

Of Ji Wu Jiu would know what was Ye Zhen Zhen's intention; See, you didn't let me reference the other drafts you have, I still can create a gun, now you will know what is called super clever and intelligent.

He is at the point where he knows what sort of expression will appear on Ye Zhen Zhen when she says this sentence. Laughing coldly, gunpower is something that can kill, she really dared to gift something like this to me as a birthday present...really.. really.... Sigh..

Besides the gun he received from Ye Zhen Zhen, he also received various gifts from his other small wives, there were some self made embroidery, drawings, antiques, and etc. Xian Concubine, gave him a piece of jade accessory, which was initially made to be a pair of dragon and phoenix, Xian Concubine gave the dragon shaped one to Ji Wu Jiu and kept the Phoenix one for herself. Of Course Ji Wu Jiu would have understood what she meant, but it was such a cheesy gift, in the end he just gave it to Feng You De to be kept, and didn't not wear it. His romantic side will only come out when there is something important, for an example, before any intimate "business".

After hearing about it, Ye Zhen Zhen only thought Xian Concubine was stingy, only giving half of the item.

Actually, what Xian Concubine did was not right, if they were normal citizens using the dragon and phoenix jades as a couple gift was fine, but in the palace the emperor is the dragon and the phoenix would be the empress, and at this moment she is still far from being the empress. Although many others thought that Ye Zhen Zhen will surely sooner or later drop from the empress position, however she is still in that position so it seems that Xian Concubine can't wait to be the phoenix. Although what she meant for it was just to remind Ji Wu Jiu of their love.... After much thought Xian Concubine also let out a cold sweat, scolding herself for being reckless. Luckily Ye Zhen Zhen did not take this matter seriously.

His favourite gift that was still the one he gave himself. A few days ago the head of the main 3 army camp, Ye Lei Ting did a little mistake, so Ji Wu Jiu used a "not competent" fault and sent him far away to Ning Xia to be a lieutenant there. Although there was an increase in rank, to most people it was still a severe punishment. The 3 main army camps are elite forces and have a few hundred thousand army, it definitely cannot be compared to the Ning Xia army camp.

Why did Ji Wu Jiu want to find fault with Ye Lei Ting?

This Ye Lei Ting originally comes from a family that produces good general, also he was capable, strong in martial arts, strict army ruling and held a high position at a young age. But it was too bad that he has family ties with Ye Xiu Ming, although during his father's generation there did not really had a good relationship with Ye Xiu Ming, but it changed with Ye Lei Ting.

Really, looking for punishment.

That's why Ji Wu Jiu punished him. Initially Ye Xiu Ming wanted to help Ye Lei Ting, but it was Ye Lei Ting who personally asked to be transferred to Ning Xia, ending his own career. So, Ye Xiu Ming couldn't do anything and can only curse Ji Wu Jiu for being foxy.

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