Chapter 8

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The Lu Hua Palace mooncake case, was solved in three days, Hui Consort was evil for trying to harm the imperial concubine, to frame the empress, her punishment was to be lowered to the 8th rank Xuan Shi, and to stay in the side courtyard of Yao Yue Palace.

Yao Yue Palace.. Yao Yue Palace.. snorted Ye Zhen Zhen, The empress dowager is really too much, what Hui Consort have done, not to even mentioned being punished to the cold palace, even if she was placed to any other palace, she definitely won't have a good time, all but this Yao Yue Palace... No matter Xian Concubine is willing or not, she now have to side the empress dowager.

Though according to Ye Zhen Zhen, the empress dowager is really too eager this time. Hui Consort is already no longer useful, if the empress dowager really don't want to treat her badly, ask someone to take care of her properly will, but to place her in Yao Yue Palace to be a hindrance for Xian Concubine. Furthermore, when Xian Concubine was alone, she still appeared to be independent, but this time round the empress dowager made it known that she is on her side, openly helping Xian Concubine to snatch the empress position, it was almost like turning her into a shield for arrows.

Ye Zhen Zhen yawned and thought, if the Xu family is only at this level of thinking as well... then their family is really easy to understand, and one can't really blame her grandfather.

"The Emperor arrives!", Wang You Cai loudly announced standing outside Kun Ning Palace, and because he has never done this before, therefore he used his voice wrongly, at the last word his voice cracked, sounding like a crow getting shot.

Ji Wu Jiu frowned after hearing that..

This Wang You Cai, is Wang Xiao Hu, Ye Zhen Zhen asked for him with Ji Wu Jiu herself. He was originally a criminal, should have been sentenced to death, but since Hui Consort received a lighter punishment intended, and Ye Zhen Zhen did not even complained, Ji Wu Jiu gave her a face and gave her the little eunuch.

Ye Zhen Zhen thought that Wang Xiao Hu's name was too lame, and not suitable for Kun Ning Palace, so she followed Feng You De's name and changed his name, (You Cai, You = Have, Cai = Wealth.

Ji Wu Jiu couldn't believe that Ye Zhen Zhen thought this name was very elegant.

Although Wang You Cai's announcement gave people goosebumps, even the birds flew away, Ye Zhen Zhen seems to have missed it.

That is why when Ji Wu Jiu went in, he saw Ye Zhen Zhen sitting down, eyes staring at something and seems to be lost in thought. Walking towards her slowly, and saw in front of here there was a chess board with 9 boxes. On the board there was from randomly placed pieces with numbers on them. That board is different from normal board, but it is a combination of 9 smaller 9 box chess board, with a total of 81 small boxes in a square, and in each small square a chess piece with number can be placed in.  (Sudoku)

Ye Zhen Zhen was still deep in thought, with a deep frown, and didn't know Ji Wu Jiu was there.

Ji Wu Jiu also didn't hope that Ye Zhen Zhen will realise herself, "What are you doing?"

Ye Zhen Zhen got shocked and turned towards him, stood up in a hurry and paid her greetings.

Ji Wu Jiu only continued to frown.

"You have arrived, why did the eunuch outside did not announce?" Ye Zhen Zhen said.

"How Disrespectful" Ji Wu Jiu said while showing her 2 fingers, this would be the 2nd fault in his books for her.

Ye Zhen Zhen, sticked her tongue out at him,

Ji Wu Jiu's gaze returned to the chess board "Is this a 9 boxed chess board?, Though it does not really look like it"

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