Chapter 6

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Empress with no Virtue Chapter 6

Li Concubine received a poisonous mooncake on the night of the mooncake festival, if not for the cat she would have nearly died. The emperor got really angry after knowing about it, and the empress got an earful about it at Lu Hua Palace. The inner palace is not peaceful, therefore the fault was placed on to the empress, and she were to solve the case in 3 days.

This was the most gossiped news from the palace.

Of course Ye Xiu Ming would have heard about this matter by now, early in the morning court, he has already received many questioning glances, and after reaching home he got reprimanded by his wife. Most people know that Ye Ge Lao is afraid of his wife, in his whole life, he does not even have one concubine, even though he only has one son Ye Kang Le, which is Ye Zhen Zhen's father.

"It is all your fault, did not want to listen to my advice, our Zhen Zhen is very straight forward, entering the inner palace will definitely get framed to the death by the other women" reprimanded Ye Laofuren (Old Madam).

Ye Xiu Ming clarified in a low voice " Zhen Zhen is the empress, who would dare to frame/harm her"

"So what if she was the empress, she can't even come back to see her grandmother. My poor granddaughter.." tears streaming down her face.

"It was all for the benefit of Ye family, if the daughter of Fang Xiu Qing were to be the empress, it will be dangerous for our Ye family... don't cry anymore, our Zhen Zhen will surely be fine, my granddaughter will definitely be able to overcome such a small case.

While still crying Ye Laofuren started to scold Ye Xiu Ming, and he also does not dare to fight back, can only allow her to continue.

Ye Kang Le was outside listening to his parent's conversation, shaking his head and sighed in the end he didn't enter. ly, for the benefit of his daughter's future, he did not agree this marriage as well, and also had selected a good candidate for her, but because his father was too adamant he couldn't do anything.

There is nothing to be done at this stage now, just hoping that Zhen Zhen will behave properly in the palace, unlike at home where she can do what she likes, and that she will be safe there.


In Kun Ning Palace, Ye Zhen Zhen is in a daze while staring at a piece of mooncake.

The mooncake is a white snow skin mooncake, with shrimps inside. Ji Wu Jiu has people purposely made for Li Concubine, and because the taste does not suit the rest of the consorts and even Ji Wu Jiu, every year this type of mooncake is only made for Li Concubine.

The only mooncake with problem, is only this snow skin shrimp mooncake. Yesterday night, when Li Concubine wanted to eat the mooncake, she took some out first to feed the black cat in her arms, but who would have thought, immediately after eating, the cat died.

According to the imperial doctors, inside the mooncake, something called "Xiang Fei Zi" was added. This thing is made from some fruits from the southern side. When smelled carefully, there will be a slight sourish smell, and does not really attract the attention of people, but when eaten there is a special flavor. This "Xiang Fei Zi", can be used to cook, and also used as medicine however it cannot be mixed with shrimp to be eaten, if not one will appear to be poisoned or if not worst, death.

Ye Zhen Zhen already ordered all chefs that day to be detained and questioned, the kitchen has also been thoroughly searched, there was still no signs of the "Xiang Fei Zi". This item is made from the south and is hard to get, not to mention low production, and also the northern people also doesn't really like it, therefore it is not in the list to be purchased into the palace. Though there is some in the doctor's office, but according to the inventory list, there was no one using it or even any that has gone missing.

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