Chapter 7

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Empress with no Virtue Chapter 7

Ji Wu Jiu is a good emperor, every day after lunch, majority of his time is spent on dealing with the incoming reports and to meet up with ministers at his Palace.

That's why becoming an emperor is not as easy as it seems, and not as good as it sounds, not something most people can handle. Therefore in history there is equal amount of wise and good emperor, but most of them are useless..

Ji Wu Jiu is an ambitious, and responsible emperor, he wants to be a wise emperor, and the cost of being a good emperor is to spend more time in Yang Xin Dian then his inner palace. Therefore everyone knows, if you want to look for the emperor, go to Yang Xin Dian.

But today, after looking over the documents and report, he wants to drop by Kun Ning Palace to admire Ye Zhen Zhen's troubled face.

However, before he can even leave he saw a little eunuch kneeling in front, looking very anxious wanting to report something. "Your majesty I have something to report"

Though, Ji Wu Jiu ignored him as he was attracted by something else.

Who can tell him, what on earth is the Empress doing?

From far, Ye Zhen Zhen was sprinting in her red robe, that was flowing with the wind, looking almost like a pretty cloud that appears during sunset. This cloud was floated towards Ji Wu Jiu, ignoring the look from Ji Wu Jiu, without saying anything she knocked out the little eunuch.

After that only was Ye Zhen Zhen calmed, taking deep breaths. There was little sweat droplets forming on her forehead, and have a natural blush that comes after exercising, like the blooming plum blossoms in March.

The group of eunuch and maid servants finally reached, from far they already saw what Ye Zhen Zhen did, they all touched their necks, as if they were they one to receive the blow from her.

Ji Wu Jiu, looked at Ye Zhen Zhen.. "Empress, after your meal you have nothing better to do?"

Then only did Ye Zhen Zhen start greeting the Emperor, "Your ma..jest... y.."

"Its ok, " waving his hand, Ji Wu Jiu was getting impatient. Glancing at the fainted eunuch "Empress, shouldn't you give me an explanation for this"

Ye Zhen Zhen, after finally catching her breath, "Your majesty, this eunuch is involved in the poisonous mooncake case at Lu Hua Palace, I need to investigate him"

"O..? then why must you knock him out, Is there something that I shouldn't know?"

"I wouldn't dare to hide anything from you, its just that the inner palace should be under my control, I wouldn't dare your majesty to be concerned about it, however if you are still worried, you can listen but you must not show your face"


"You will know after the interrogation"


The little eunuch was awoken with a splash of water.

Looking at the eunuch carefuly, Ye Zhen Zhen figures that he is around 15 years old, with a white face, looked quite weak as well. When he first opened his eyes, he was abit out of place, but when he saw Ye Zhen Zhen, surprisingly he was not shocked or anxious, he even properly bowed to Ye Zhen Zhen.

Ye Zhen Zhen, was sitting, stiffen her expression and placed her tea cup down, "Wang Xiao Hu, do you admit your fault?"

"Replying to your majesty, I do not know what mistake have I done"

"Ding Da Xiang didn't die, he already admitted." Even though Ding Da Xiang already died, but Kun Ning Palace has managed to keep it down, and even if the news was leaked, the person here now won't even have the chance to know.

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