Chapter 4

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Empress with no Virtue Chapter 4

After coming out from Kun Ning Palace, Ji Wu Jiu's expression seems better. Compared to yesterday, when the emperor came out from the same place, he was scary. Feng You De initially thought that the emperor really disliked the empress, seems like it might not necessary be the case now.

It is hard to know a man's thinking... Thought Feng You De...

If Feng You De found out the reason the emperor is happy, is because the empress is unhappy, not sure what he will think next...

At night, Feng You De brought the tray with the name plates of his consorts for him to choose who to serve him tonight. "Your Majesty, kindly flip a name plate"

Glancing through the names, he raised his hands and stopped above "Su Rou Zhi", however after another thought, he flipped "Fang Liu Yue".

Feng You De, respectfully retreated and turn to his subordinates to ask them to go to Yao Yue Palace to tell Xian Concubine to prepare to serve the Emperor tonight.

Because Xian Concubine's name has a "Yue" word, therefore the Yao Yue Palace was bestowed upon her as her living quarters, it is a great honor to receive such a gift from the emperor himself. Not to mention, Ji Wu Jiu and Xian Concubine has another story of their own.

Years back, when Ye Ge Lao wanted to marry off his own granddaughter to Ji Wu Jiu, Ji Wu Jiu  found a reason to defer the wedding and wanted to find a empress on his own, not only to take care of his internal palace, but also to reduce the power of Ye Ge Lao. Therefore he looked upon Fang Xiu Qing, although he is not the most powerful in the cabinet, but he still has some people on his side, and ever since his entry, he always has different opinions with Ye Ge Lao.

Therefore, Ji Wu Jiu thought that it would be suitable to choose Fang Xiu Qing's daughter, and had the intention to make Fang Liu Yue his empress, and thus tested Fang Xiu Qing on the matter. Fang Xiu Qing, has had enough of Ye Ge Lao and of course agreed to the marriage easily.

However, one person did not agree...

Ye Ge Lao, would never allow the emperor and Fang Xiu Qing to work together against him, therefore he got all the ministers to send in reports, with the same sentence. "It will anger the heavens and earth if you do not marry Ye Zhen Zhen"

Then, he also found Taoists to help Ji Wu Jiu and Fang Liu Yue count their compatibility with each other and submitted the reports of "Not Suitable", "Very Not Suitable", "Extremely not suitable"..

Another named Taoists also help listed what would happened if they were to get married, and got the signatures of many other monks and Taoists as well, to submit the report to Ji Wu Jiu. Making it the first ever report to be submitted by monks and Taoists straight to the emperor.

After receiving all those reports, it made Ji Wu Jiu very angry, while slamming his table " If I were really to choose her, don't tell me that calamities will really happen!"

Coincidently, the next day an earthquake happened at Da Tong, until the capital also felt the shake. This time, even more reports flooded in about the emperor's decision on the empress, stating their disagreement and ask him to rethink his decision. Suddenly all the ministers appear to be very united in scolding him.

During his daily court meeting, he tried his best to appear to listen to their advices and finally made a statement " I am sure our gods, will not be so cruel to not let me decide who I want to marry, I have already made my decision final, let's end it here today". After that he left the court.

3 days after he made that statement, an eclipse happened.

Though this does not count as a coincident, because the astrology department has already predicted that it would happen and the date have been reported to the emperor. Therefore even though he knows it is not a coincident, the ministers know it is not a coincident, even Ye Ge Lao that old fart knows that is it not a coincident but the mass citizens are not aware about those and this time there was a huge disagreement by the citizens about the emperor's choice of the future empress. Making most citizens stand by Ye Ge Lao's side.

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