Chapter Three

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Eventhough Ji Wui Jiu does not wish to admit that it is true, to a certain extend, what Ye Zhen Zhen said was true. However, since he is the emperor, his pride does not allow himself to admit that he sacrificed his body for the empire. Therefore, he automatically ignored part of the truth.

Reality hits fast, Li Concubine was already waiting outside with her maid servant holding a tray with a colorful lotus shaped bowl. Bowing Feng You De said; "Niang Niang, the emperor is currently going through the imperial documents, why not you give me the items instead" Then you can leave...

Of course Li Concubine would not want to leave this easily. Initially today she wanted to show off in front of the empress, and in the end it didn't turn well, and not to mention the tease she received from Xi Consort. So she is here to tattle tale to the emperor.

"This bowl of soup, is personally made by me. The emperor is doing his best for the country, I must of course serve him better, don't worry I will bring it in myself"

Although he has tried his best to give some hints, not sure if Li Concubine understood them or not, that she still wants to go in. It is also not right for him to tell her that the emperor is in a bad mood now too. Right at this moment, from the study comes a roar.."Who is out there!?"

"To answer my emperor...."

"Emperor, I have cooked a bowl of nutritious soup for you, will be bringing it to you now"

"Feng You De, let Le Concubine in"

Taking the tray from her maid servant, Li Concubine went into the study.

Looking at her being all petite and pretty walking in, placing the tray onto the table, each move seems like she is being flirtatious. Actually, even without General Su, with just her beauty alone, Li Concubine is worthy of being one of his consort. Not to mention that she is very good in making Ji Wu Jiu happy.

Normally, even when Ji Wu Jiu is not in a good mood, seeing Li Concubine will appease him, but today with her being the reason he was unhappy, he is still far from being appeased. Li Concubine served the soup to him " Emperor, why not try a sip"

Drinking a little, without any expression "My beloved concubine, it was hard on you"

"To be able to do all these for you, it makes me very happy"

Ji Wu Jiu, held her hand for a moment and said " I know"

"Furthermore", Li Concubine smoothly moved to sit on Ji Wu Jiu, with her hands on his shoulder, gently continued "Emperor, is working everyday for the country, you would be more tired. Eventhough the country is important, your majesty should take care of your ownself more"

In the whole sentence said by Li Concubine, he only catched " For the country". His mind then wandered off to "Sacrifice for the country"

"I still have to look through the imperial documents, my beloved concubine you can go first" Pushing the pretty maiden away from his arms.

".....Your majesty?" Li Concubine was astonished, not sure what happened, but this is different from what she predicted.

"By the way, you should not come to the imperial study anymore, this is not a place for woman in the first place"

Immediately kneeling, Li Concubine looked at the emperor with tears forming "Did I do something wrong?"

Answering her coldly " It seems that I really dote on you too much"

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