Chapter One

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(Yu Zhen Zhen above)
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Empress with no Virtue - Chapter 1

Da Qi Xi 2nd year, August 9th, avoid travelling but good for marriage

This day is indeed auspicious, it was carefully selected by the Chinese Astrology Department, clear skies,sunny, that made even the lion seemed tamed.

Cheung Ning Street near the forbidden city, a line of guards of honor can be seen leading a wedding procession. But unlike the ordinary people, the palanquin is not red, but instead a gold one with a raised ceiling carried by 16 people. The palanquin is drapped with gold embroidered Phoenixes, top to down golden tassels, and surrounded by expensive pearl strings, waving in the wind where together it dazzled to the point where eyes aches.

The only person that is eligible for this type of marriage treatment, is non other than the Empress.

The streets were lined with people, everyone was trying to see the procession. Even though there were other festivities that could match the occasion, but seeing the Emperor's wedding is something that is very rare.

Although there were many people in the procession, some playing music and some not, it kept moving forward in an orderly manner. There was also four young presentable eunuch responsible to throw candies and coins placed in hemp bags to the crowds. Whenever the young eunuchs raises their arms, there will be a burst of fury in the crowd.

The procession can be seen to be moving towards the Ye Manor, and from far at the main door, a group of people dressed in dark colours can be seen kneeling on the floor and amongst them, the leader is a white haired, respectable expression, and shining bright eyes.

"That would be Ye Ge Lao" someone from the crowd said after identifying that old man from a far.

"Who is this Ye Ge Lao?" asked one young teenager.

"Ye Ge Lao is Zhong Ji Hall, head scholar, two generations of high positions in the cabinet and three dynasty veteran minister." Following the explanation of the old man's background, the speaker's voice increases in confidences, even though he is not close with Ye Ge Lao, but it does not decrease him being proud of that man.

People around the area are also satisfied with the speaker's introduction. Even though this matter is known to all, however every time it is brought up by someone, Ye Ge Lao will still receive the respect from many, like the street performances that has been seen many times, but one could not help but to see it again when available.

"Today's bride is Ye Ge Lao's first grand daughther, maiden name is Ye Zhen Zhen, 17 this year. Ye Ge Lao have 3 grandchildren but only one grand daughter, she has been brought up like a treasure, loved by many" another person said.

"You dare to address the Empress with her maiden name, are you not afraid of being caught and be planked?" Someone jokingly asked.

" I heard, this marriage has been confirmed three years ago"

"Then why only today, did they get married?"

"Three years ago, the late emperor passed away, the current emperor wanted to fulfill his filial piety therefore pushed the marriage till today."

"Daddy, the emperor wants to marry Ye Ge Lao's grand daughter, then won't he need to call Ye Ge Lao grandfather?" A little boy asked.

This time there was no answer, but instead the father uses his hand to cover his son's mouth.

The young eunuch raises their arms, coins falls from the sky. People no longer stay to chat but to bend down to collect the coins from the ground.


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