The Envelope

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I fiddled with one of my chocolate-brown curls as some stranger talked about my parents and my grandmother. I wasn't paying attention to any lie people said about my most favorite people in the world. Every person that stood in front of me claimed to know and love my parents and grandmother. I was trying to remember my mother's laugh when a familiar-looking lady stepped in front of the crowd. "My name is Irina Spask and I was Lillian's accountant," she explains. "It is my honer to fulfill one of her dying wishes right now. Lillian wanted her closest relatives and friends to be present at the reading of her will. Will you all now look underneath your chairs to check for an envelope with your name on it. The paper inside will give you further information." Irina finished. Everyone soon started fiddling with their seats and yelling. As soon as Irina said "under your chairs" Noah immediately swung his head down to look under our chairs. When he looked up he was grinning mischievously. I knew that there were envelopes under our chairs based off of his reaction. Noah doesn't have a poker face at ALL. When Irina finished talking Noah bent down again to retrieve our envelopes. He placed mine in my outstretched hand and began fiercely reading his own. Before I could open my note, Noah started dragging me over to a small group of people who were making their way through a narrow hallway. My brother dragged me to the front of the group and we could now see the grand room we were heading to. An African-American man wearing a tuxedo opened the door and ushered us inside.

"Please sit down everyone," the man cooed, gesturing to the fold up chairs arranged in tight rows around the room. Noah pulled me to the front row and I sat down next to him. "Welcome to the reading of Lillian Marie Grace's will," the man announced. I noticed he didn't mention a name or authority position. Instead of picking up a piece of paper, the man pressed play on a machine.

" Is it on?" a boy's voice said. Where have I heard that voice before? "Alright, this is Lillian's favorite grandchild here to- okay fine! I'll just get to the point!" Dang it, of course I know whose voice this is.

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